Monday, December 2, 2013

November ... A Look Back

Well ... November was my least successful month since I started tracking.  
Starting weight was 153.4.  Ending weight ... 153.1.  
The highest weight during the month was 157.1.  The low was 152.0.  
It was my lowest average burn in months, although I did keep food intake under October's numbers. I've posted all my Intake vs Burn graphs together for quick comparisons. I wonder if I can ever get an entire month without my lines touching?

Not as many successful days on my "streaks" calendar either. Only 13 out of 30 days. While I allow myself some slack on the weekends, I'm disappointed in myself over all. At a glance (without going back and examining the Day by Day) ... the 8th, 9th, 10th was my BIRTHDAY weekend, so I guess that is somewhat understandable.  I do remember feeling uber stiff/sore for the 20th, 21st ... enough that workouts were impacted... and then just having some down days.  Thanksgiving weekend was in there too.  My "Goal" ... (22,000 steps, Fitbit Burn of 3000+) IS pretty hard to hit without some dedicated time and effort. 

Now for a more exact breakdown...

I got in some treadmill (mile jog) and bike (30+ minutes) ... 
You can see I'm more motivated Mon-Thurs.

Originally I wasn't going to keep an "elliptical" streaks calendar, because I figured any day I got my 100 minutes in, I was going to get to goal. You can see (comparing the elliptical x's to the goal x's) that I CAN spend 100 minutes on the elliptical and NOT get to goal. Even the days I didn't get in 100 minutes (and no x) I did still spend some time on the elliptical. I pretty much always hit my elliptical for a bit each day.

My goal for this month was to do a full body weight workout once a week, and try to do Jillian's Ripped in 30 two times a week. I got in all my dull body weight workouts, but didn't get to "Ripped" as much as I wanted (so I have not finished it up yet, I still have week four to go). After my stiff/sore week (Feeling It) I switched things up for the last week of November. I moved my full body weight workout to Friday, and did Jillian Mon&Tues. I figured if I got stiff and sore again, it wouldn't affect me as much Sat/Sun when I'm not really getting in my usual full workouts anyway.  I'm going to try and continue this swap for December ... I do know my motivation wanes on the weekend, so my only concern is that I won't get in my full body weight workout ... but I guess that is up to me!

... I know so many gals out there keep calories at 1200-1800 every day. Me? Not so much. I'm TRYING to stay around 2000, and have set up a "streaks" calendar to mark the days I achieve that.  12 out of 30 days. Some days I made it, I barely made it; but I did have a few LOW days too. Some days I was only over by a bit, other days ... I was OVER.  My exercise is fairly routine, but I think as far as eating goes, I do a pretty good job of keeping my body guessing about what is going on :)

I had a pretty good fruity streak going there mid-November. While I do like fruit, I have to consciously make it a part of my day, or it doesn't make it in.

Walker Tracker Stats
Under goal ... lower than the last three months
... about the same as July
But better than Jan-May before I recommitted to this journey.

So ... what will December bring? I know one thing, BASKETBALL is back in full swing!  I just got most of the schedules (still waiting on one) and it looks like my Saturday afternoons are going to be booked. Games Wed and Thurs nights, often multiple practices every day. I guess that is par for the course when you are a mom to five active boys! One good thing is that the majority of the games are quite close (unlike last year when we often had to travel up to an hour each way). Some of the little boy's games are going to be at the gym with a track above (Two Tracks) so I might get some jogging in (but then again, they like me to make videos of their game highlights too, so we'll see). 

There are also Christmas activities and projects and treats ... I do think I'll just be doing my best to get through December, and looking forward to a return to the routine for January. Wish me luck ... and YOU too!


  1. Trying to stay at 2000 calories a day? Could you give me a sample day's worth of food and proportions, just so I can wrap my head around it, out of curiosity? Thanks!

    1. oh Gwen ... I'm still so naughty with my candy/cookies/tortilla chips. It's empty calories that add up so quick, I know! In my MFP food diary I have Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Snacks and Completely Empty Calories ... it's the completely empty calories section that is my undoing! And even my regular foods aren't the best, so everything adds up!

      In my Photos of Food post I did actually share one day's meals ... (with pictures)

    3. Wow, that was about 800 calories of junk food? Sweetie, that is really not good. Clean that up, and in a few months you'll be at your goal weight... ;)

  2. My November was TERRIBLE! It was my worst month all year. Definitely need to turn it around in December!

  3. It may be your month with the least success...but I look at it as maintained!!!

  4. Jen, I've heard that the time when you are closest to your goal weight is the hardest time to lose weight. So don't give up! I agree with the poster above who said that you should be proud you maintained.

    I lost 5 1/2 pounds in November. I weighed today, and I have lost a total of 42.8 pounds. Yay!


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