Monday, December 9, 2013

Insurance Issues

Healthcare has been a hot-button topic lately. A few years ago, hubby went to a small company that didn't have health insurance as a benefit. Trying to find insurance on our own was such a stressful ordeal! Filling out tons of paperwork, and then the hubs was denied, as he had gone to the doctor to have his blood pressure and cholesterol checked. It had been high, and through diet and exercise he had gotten it under control. We appealed the decision, including his current reports and they finally did accept him on the plan with the rest of us. Our "wonderful" insurance had us paying almost $400 a month, although the $10,000 deductible meant it was basically just for basically catastrophic care, almost everything else was out of pocket.  Luckily, we are pretty healthy, despite a few broken bones, we got through the years without too many issues. We set up a pre-tax health savings account in which we tried to build a buffer of some savings for medical bills.

With the current health care changes, we received this letter (pictured above) ... under the new ACA, our premiums more than double from $381 a month to $835! I have to admit, I've been intimidated by our previous insurance application experience, and all the negative reviews on the "healthcare marketplace" so I have not checked  to see what our options would be there.

Hubby has recently changed jobs ... one of the things we took under consideration in making this move was medical insurance. We went ahead and signed up with the new company. It's still expensive (about $600 per month), and I am a little worried about the impact to corporations with government regulations this coming year. I am very afraid we'll be impacted again. But for now, I just need to figure out a new insurance company, new plan, new doctors ... it is a little better coverage (copays instead of just a deductible, which will hopefully help out. There were times in the past that I should have gone to the doctor but didn't because I didn't want to pay $150 out of pocket for a simple visit). 

So much of my journey for weight loss is to look better and feel better ... but I also do want to be healthy. While there are no guarantees, the steps I'm taking in fitness and food should help with health. I'm very glad hubby is back on board too (here). Wouldn't it be nice if there WAS a guarantee? If people ate right and exercised they would be assured of good health? I do wonder still, how many people could adapt to a healthy lifestyle even then ... 

Have you been impacted by the recent healthcare over haul?

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How can you NOT be motivated on Monday with all these Motivational Monday blog posts going around? Monday is actually usually not a day I'm lacking in motivation ... I'm always ready to get back at it after my "wicked weekend".  This past weekend was ok. I went over calories Fri-Sun, but did manage to keep the activity up, so I didn't really go over too badly. Weight was up a bit this morning, but not as bad as I expected. Well, off to hit the elliptical!


  1. Thanks so much for joining our inaugural Motivate Me Monday!

    I loved this part of your post: "Wouldn't it be nice if there WAS a guarantee? If people ate right and exercised they would be assured of good health? I do wonder still, how many people could adapt to a healthy lifestyle even then..." I think that would be SO awesome, if overall health could be unilaterally determined by our lifestyle. I think that would definitely make making wise choices a bit easier. You're probably right that there would still be people who would struggle to live a healthy lifestyle, but I would guess that there would be fewer of them than there are now.

    Also, great job on keeping up the activity this weekend! That always helps take the sting out of consuming more calories than planned, in my opinion. Anyway, I hope today's elliptical session went well!

  2. Eww!! This change in insurance is going to break the middle class.

    I think there are lots of diabetics out there that know if they would eat better there health would improve and they still don't do it. I have decreased medication for blood pressure since I started living healthier. I plan to get off of my cholesterol meds too! I feel great since losing 40 pounds and exercising regularly.

  3. I forgot to tell you I stopped by from Motivation Monday!

  4. We've been insurance poor for quite a while. My husband had really good health insurance with one of his jobs and when he left we switched to COBRA for 18 months. Although it was good insurance, the $900 a month price tag was scary. When that ran out, we got another policy that was $5000 deductible and it was about $800 a month for both of us. The only medical problem my husband has had is skin cancer and it being a preexisting condition is not covered.

    I went on Medicare this year and we thought his insurance would be half of what we had been paying but we were wrong. He had to change the deductible to $10,000 and then it was $442 a month. That same policy just went to $556 a month, and he is about to ditch it and go with a Christian insurer that only charges $150 a month and has a $500 deductible. If we can hang on for nine months, then my husband will also be on medicare. It is such a mess. So much money spent each month and the only thing he really needs to be covered is exempt. :(

  5. What would be great is if we had universal health care, like most civilized nations on this earth. I had a friend from Canada who spent $50 a month on her healthcare. No deductibles, no copays, vision, dental, hospital, preventative care. I met her at a conference for a corporation we both worked for. I had no insurance then.

    Of course, in Canada they pay a lot more in taxes... but so do most civilized nations on this earth.

    It would be great if everybody ate healthy and exercised. That would probably help keep premiums down. However, you cannot predict life. Driving is one of the most dangerous things we do, and most of us cannot help but do it. I just witnessed a terrible accident a few weeks ago, one with major injuries. The woman who didn't get hurt was texting.

  6. My insurance is covered by my employer, but my boyfriend is self-employed, so it is going to affect him, and not positively. Not much thought went into this health care plan, I must say.

  7. I haven't met anyone who has been positively impacted by the Obamacare law. It's on the backs of the middle class and pretty soon there won't be any middle class left to foot the bill. So very sad.

  8. Even though we have insurance through my husband's employer, a small business, because of Obamacare, we're seeing an additional $32 taken weekly out of my dh's paycheck starting January 2013.

    Honestly, I'm incredibly frustrated. We're a very healthy family of 7. kids still get sick from time to time. It's normal for kids to get colds. But to pay $140 per visit if 5 kids get the same cold and need an antibiotic? I'm exaggerating a bit, though it could happen.

    I've been making use of the Minute Clinic at CVS to cut our out of pocket cost down to $80 per visit. I'm not happy because there's no continuum of care with our pediatrician. works better for our budget. I don't think that should be the determination of care however.

    Thanks for linking up at Motivation Monday!


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