Monday, May 26, 2014

Free Summer Bowling

Today's Motivation Monday falls on Memorial Day. The kids are out of school. They tend to stay pretty busy on these rare breaks throughout the school year, but summer is coming shortly. After days on end with no school ... the inevitable whine of  "I'm bored, there's nothing to do" is bound to happen. What to do ...

What about bowling?  Our family has had some fond bowling memories (Blackham Bowling ). When the kids were on year-round school, off-track bowling was something we did to fill the time. For summer ... there is the KidsBowlFree program. Just go to the website and see if there is a location  near you participating. Two free games of bowling per kid, per day, all summer long.

Of course ... it generally isn't totally free. You do still have to pay for shoes unless you happen to have your own. I DO have my own bowling shoes. Not that I'm a big bowler! I picked some up for $20 a few years ago, figuring it would be worth the investment for me. With kids constantly growing, it may not be worth a purchase ... and rental shoes are SO cute!

If your kids are anything like mine, they beg for arcade tokens and want some drinks and pizza every trip too. That can add up quick ... and of course I'm sure that is the impetus behind the "free" offer. Sometimes I splurge on the extras ... other times I'm the mean mom and we "only" bowl (I mean, that IS what we went there to do, not to eat or play video games). The free also only applies to the kids (15 and under). If YOU want to bowl too, you'll have to pay, but there are family deals that accompany the program. This is the first year I have actually added on a "family" plan, for me and my 18-year old son. $25 and we both get a couple games each trip too. I figure four trips and we'd probably recoup that cost. I do like to participate too, and I think the kids enjoy beating me ... at least they can try!

I know bowling isn't the MOST active thing the kids can be doing this summer ... but it's better than video games or watching TV. A nice air-conditioned bowling alley can be a welcome relief on a hot summer day. 

I'm hoping that my purchasing a pass ... actually paying $25 (for two adults) will motivate me (ala Motivation Monday! *Ü*) to use our free bowling coupons more this year. I think we only made it in a couple times last year.  It doesn't burn a bunch of calories (have you seen comedian Jim Gaffigan's take on bowling? We love Jim), but you are moving and using some muscles you might not otherwise.

I must admit ... I like to leave the bumpers up.

And now a quick weekend recap. Friday was better than usual ... I got in a double Zumba (morning and evening) and kept calories in check. Saturday started with donuts and ended with ...

#datenight #toomanycalories

Sunday ...

#ilovereading #twoholdscomeinatonce


It's a little hard when the new week starts off with a holiday.
Off my routine ... but it's going to be a good day *Ü*


  1. Bowling sounds like so much fun!!!! Great idea :)

  2. It's funny my post was about doing something active for fun. I agree it may not be the best form of exercise but it doesn't really feel like exercise it feels like you are playing, which you are.


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