Monday, September 15, 2014

Good Weekend, Bad Weekend, Boring Weekend, Better?

It's Monday. Last week, I had child home from school sick. The week before it was the Labor Day holiday. The week before, school had started at the high school, but the middle/elementary didn't start until Tuesday. So I feel like today is my first real "Monday" on the back-to-school schedule.

When I write up my "Day to Day Doings" (daily stats and journal entry) I note the type of day it was: Good, Ok, Bad ... this is in reference to my eating/exercise, not if I personally had a good day emotionally (although they are often related). My weekends are almost always "BAD" as far as food and fitness, although often filled with family fun. 

This past weekend was pretty blah ... nothing much going on at all. Ironically, that made it a "good" (or at least better) weekend on the eating/exercise scale. I ate a little too much on Friday, but also got in a lot of activity, so I still had a deficit (and dropped just a bit for Saturday weigh-in). On Saturday, I didn't get in as much exercise as I do during the week (no Zumba) but I did get in an hour of elliptical and a 40minute walk. Good for a Saturday. I also totally kept calories in check! Sunday, I got in an hour on the elliptical. Calories were ok ... and an "ok" day in my rating book (but better than "bad").

My lower weigh-in on Friday ... I think that motivated me to be extra good, to see if I could get it to drop just a bit more. I was there on the 150 threshold, and I DID drop into the 149s Sat/Sun. It's been a while since I've seen those numbers. I was a bit disappointed this morning when weight was back up to 153.3 ... but I am always higher Monday mornings. I was just hoping it wouldn't have that big a jump (I'd been 149.6 Sunday morning) as I really wasn't bad on Sunday. But it's better than the last several weeks, which were always even higher (155/156).

Funny how both a low weigh-in, and a high weigh-in can be motivating. I saw the lows, and felt encouraged and excited to keep up the good work. When I see the bump up, I'm motivated to get it back down.  It can be the reverse though ... you see a low number and feel like you can let up some. You see a high number and just give up, because it's not working. A lot of it just depends on your perspective.

I'm feeling pretty positive right now ... hoping to have my usual loss as I get back into the Mon-Thurs routine. Hoping that my high, being lower than in past week, will result in a low at the end of the week. Hoping to drop under 150 and stay there! I was great to get a peek at the scale shift, now just to make it permanent! 

How was your weekend?
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  1. Welcome back to a good routine!!! You will see the results from that routine!!


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