Friday, September 5, 2014

WWI#59 and Five Recent Reads

Weekly Weigh in, and I was actually excited about it this week. It had been a good week for me. I felt like it would be reflected on the scale, and it was. 151 ... I haven't been there in a while, since about April in fact (Weekly Weigh-Ins).

I originally lost weight eight years ago. Through the years, I have been struggling to maintain, and lose the gains. There have been ups and downs. For my most dramatic drops (in 2006 and 2013) I had success in late spring/early summer. Through the years though, in MY memory, I always seem to struggle, starting around April and through the summer months. When school gets back in session, and there is a return to the routine, I do better. It was interesting to plug the numbers into a graph and see that they didn't actually reflect my feelings. I'd have dips in the Spring, ups in the middle of Winter ... I did know I was in trouble at the end of 2012, dealing with a bit of depression there.

I don't have 2014 on this graph yet ... I actually was lower in January and March (just 150 "low"), and then upped in April and have been feeling stuck for several months now (at 152/153). But looking at the graph, a lot of the lines gravitate to just that area. Not sure if that's my body's "happy place" ... I spent almost all of 2010 right around where I am now (and have been for almost a year, no big changes since the end of 2013).  I'd like to lose about 15 pounds and get back to 135, but anything under 150 is actually fine by me. I know it's just a number on the scale, but I do want to get there.

As I mentioned, this was a good week. Well ... the weekend was NOT good. It was SO bad in fact! Family gatherings on Saturday and Sunday, eating out, birthday cake. Huge up on the eating, very little exercise. But starting Monday, even with it being a holiday, I took control again. I really enjoyed every Zumba class this week and just left each one happy and energized. I got in my elliptical every day, did a little treadmill, and reading while riding the bike. I did a weights workout once too. #4 has engaged me in badminton or ping pong almost every day.

The eating improved too. On the weekdays, I kept calories in check at 2000 or under every day. It is always a challenge for me. This girl likes to eat! But it felt a bit easier this week.  NUMBERS: Down 2.9 pounds from last Friday. High was 155.9 on Monday morning to the low today (for a total fluctuation of 4.9 pounds). Average weight was down -.04. Even with my horrible weekend (3000+ calories ingested both Sat/Sun) I had a weekly deficit of -3083. Average intake 2164 and average burn 2935 (with very little exercise on Sat/Sun dragging that down). 

Hopefully, if I can continue weekdays like this week, and control the weekends, maybe I can get to goal (under 150) and stay there!

On to the Friday Five.

I mentioned, I've been getting some stationary bike in many days. I read while I ride. I also read while I wait at pickups, after school or sports practice, or when I take the kids to play (we spent a couple hours at a trampoline place on Tuesday). I read before bed. I read a lot, and I'm a fast reader too, so I've gone through quite a few books lately. I did spend a little time on GoodReads rating and reviewing, but thought I'd spotlight five recent reads here ...

I've mentioned before, that although I'm not a teenager, I do like a lot of the Young Adult fiction out there. Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopian stuff. So many books now are part of a series as well. A couple months ago I went on a "third book binge" and finished up several trilogies (Teen Trilogies) but I still had some ...

Both of these books are fantasy, with a similar feel to "Game of Thrones" ... kingdoms waging wars, trying to wrest power. Quintana of Charyn is book 3 in The Lumatere Chronicles. I read the first one (Finnikin of the Rock) quite a while ago, and then read book 2 (Froi of the Exiles) just a month or so ago. This series actually isn't classified as YA, it is quite complex. Very well written.  Bitterblue is book 3 in the Graceling series. I read book 1 (Graceling) well over a year ago and didn't remember it well. It really didn't matter for book 2 (Fire) which I read recently, but did return to some of the original characters. I actually think Fire should be book 1 (it IS first chronologically), and wished I'd read Graceling and Bitterblue back to back.

These next three are all book 1 of their series. The middle one is a completed trilogy, the other two are still in progress (with only the first book out at this time). These were all pretty good, not super wonderful, but I liked them fine.
  • After The End: After world war 3, a group of survivors is living off the land in Alaska. Or so the kids think ... have you seen "The Village"? It's a bit like that. There really was no end of the world. There was a bit of supernatural stuff that was never explained (yet) and the ending was a total cliffhanger. I do like some semblance of a conclusion!
  • Inside Out: This reminded me of "Wool" as it started (taking place underground), and "Across the Universe" (in a spaceship) as it progressed. I never quite connected with the characters, the story and romance seemed a bit forced. I'll probably continue with the series as it is out and available and I guess I'd like to see what happens.
  • Cyber Dawn: I have Amazon Prime and a Kindle, so I can access a book from the Kindle Lending Library once a month. This was my pick for September. A boy who lost his leg to cancer is fitted with a high-tech prosthetic (basically present day, but a bit more advanced, similar "enhancements" are common). Turns cloak and dagger. Did seem quite "teen" but is one my boys (reluctant readers) might like.
Those are the last five books I've read. I think I'll hit the bike and read a bit more (currently reading "Breathe" ... post-apocalyptic, you have to pay for oxygen, which means you can only exercise if you are rich! Walking over 3 mph is illegal!

Anyone else read any of these?

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  1. I like YA, too! I will look for these books at my library - thanks for the suggestions.

  2. I haven't read any of those but they sound really good! It sounds like you've really rocked your workouts this week. Great job!

  3. I don't care who a book is aimed at....if it's well written and interesting, I'm there! I'll be checking them out!!!!

  4. I read a lot at work. I am always looking for a good book to get into. I'm not a fan of trilogies though nor sci if ones. Call me crazy but I am more of the Danielle steel romance type. -L

  5. Awesome week, doll! Congrats on that 151 :)


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