Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lost and Found

I've been a Fitbit Fan(atic) for over four years now. I'll admit, I have been rather proud of myself that during that time I've never worn it in the water, accidentally washed it, or lost it. My streak came to an end this past week.

I was at my son's soccer game, when I felt for my Fitbit. It wasn't there. I had changed from my workout wear into actual clothes, so I assumed I had simply forgotten to transfer the device ... I'm pretty good at remembering, but that does happen from time to time. Do steps really count if you're not wearing your Fitbit? *Ü*

We went home, and I looked around. No little Fitbit One to be found. I could then distinctly remember I HAD reattached it after I had changed earlier ... which meant one thing. It was LOST! It had fallen off somewhere. Oh no!

Some time ago, I had heard of a helpful app called BTL Explorer. It SHOULD be called the "Find My Fitbit" app! It can detect the Blue Tooth signal coming from a Fitbit. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but if you are close enough (you need to be within about 20feet or so) it will pick up the signal. It will show you if it is a One, Zip or Flex. There is a number displayed next to the device name, and the lower the number, the closer you are to the device. 

I opened up the app ... my husband's Flex appeared, three of the boys were home, and their three Zips showed up. No One. I knew it was a long shot, but I decided to go back to the soccer field and walk around. 

I parked in the same spot and retraced my steps. It had been a bit of a walk in. I went to the spot where I had sat down watching the warmup. I walked around the entire field ... as I had walked around the field during the game. I was about to give up when... "One" appeared on the app! My Fitbit was out there. It was close by! Unfortunately, by this time it was completely dark! I hadn't thought to bring a flashlight, so I was on my hands and knees, running my fingers through the grass, trying to use the light from my phone, while watching the app, playing hot/cold with the changing numbers.

I found it!

I was SO happy to be reunited with my Fitbit! I am addicted to the feedback. I just thought I'd share my little story, and give a shout out to the BTL Explorer app (it's free!). I mentioned it to my boys, so they would know there is an option if the Fitbit falls off. You DO need to know the general area for this to work ... but it worked for me. I then used the app to narrow down WHERE exactly Hub's Flex was (he hadn't been able to locate it in a couple days) ... the numbers grew smaller as I approached the closet, then one side of the closet. I found it in the pocket of a pair of shorts.

It's a handy little app to have!

And speaking of soccer ... it's been a tough season for my munchkin. He's coming off an undefeated season last Spring.  He scored a goal (usually more than one) in every game. This year? They hadn't been able to score yet. But Thursday night ... the first (and still only) goal for the team!
My little guy had HIS Fitbit on ... he gets quite a few steps during these soccer games. I haven't made it back to MY soccer in a while. I need to. It is such a workout, I really need to get my motivation up to attempt it. It's at the same time as my Zumba, and it's hard to have to choose between the two. But seeing my munchkin out there running and kicking does put in me a soccer mood.


  1. Wow that is a cool app! I'm a big Polar fanatic so I use the loop, but some of my clients are Fit Bit Fans. Thanks for sharing :) #wowlinkup

  2. I know the feeling of losing something you cherish like that for your workouts. I lost my HRM and was soooo upset. I still haven't found it and had to buy another one to replace it. They have finder apps for everything now - WOW! #wowlinkup

  3. Hi Jen, I have an ancient phone so the app wouldn't help me, but as I read this post I was rooting for you on your journey to find your One. I am addicted to mine too (and I was thinking how sad it was that your steps to find yours didn't count, lol.) I had a doctor's appointment today over 80 miles away and was running late. A hiking trip at a nearby park was in the plans for after the appt. and to my dismay, I realized I'd left my One at home. Well, nothing would do but we turn around and go back home and get the silly thing; I wasn't about to let the steps from a 9 mile hike up hills no less, go uncounted! And I was only three minutes late for the appointment, I'm sure the doctor understood, it's all about fitness. :-)


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