Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Stats

Weekly re-cap and stacked stats.
A variety of different Zumba classes and instructors.
How do they compare?

Another week of Zumba ... I got six classes in. Not a Saturday class, but double duty on Thursday. This past week, my eleven year old son attended two classes with me. I thought he did pretty good! Here is the rundown ...

  • Monday at Southziders ... It was a really rough morning with #4, I wasn't sure if I would be able to get my heart into Zumba, but it was nice to have the release. I was a little late (having to stay at the school for a while with my anxiety child), missed most of the first number. Glad it still went over an hour. Nice to have Nina and her bouncy energy back! They had me do Hava Nagila. There were a couple "arm" songs that look deceptively easy, but really bring the burn! Ouch!
  • Tuesday with Marian ... I was late again. I just can't quite get the kids off and get to class. Mornings have been especially rough lately with anxiety child. In fact said child accompanied me to Zumba today. I told him he had to join in and I wanted him to get 6000 steps (he was just shy of it). I thought he did pretty good for his first time! I did a couple of numbers (Steph and Suzanne, who sometimes help out weren't there today). 
  • Wednesday with MZL ...  Class was longer than an hour, I was late (more anxiety child issues!) Good class, although I missed a few favorite numbers. I guess I should put in requests (they do take them!)
  • Thursday Morning with Claudia&Co...Good to get back to this class after missing a couple weeks for school functions! Just Claudia and Marian for most of the time, with Nina coming in at the end. Got my "Cha Cha Swing" on. I was actually early today, coming straight from dropping off the kids at school (and #4 went without too much issue today). 
  • Thursday Evening with Marian ... I was free this evening, so I hit Zumba, bringing along #4 again. He gave out after 40 minutes. We were a little late, so we didn't get in the full hour. Good numbers for the time I was there. Trying to figure out if the carpet makes it "harder" driving the heart rate up?
  • Friday with Heather ... the elementary was out today, and I wondered leaving the boys as long as it would take to get across town to this class. But it's hard to miss, and the boys said they would be fine. Heather had been under the weather and had sick kids, so this was her first full day back in a bit. I miss the A/C in the building ... the churches turn it off for winter I guess. It was really cool when we first got into the gym, but we heated it up quick enough.
 Nice to get back to five different classes. All the instructors have their own style.  Different crowds, different methods. SO many different songs! I wonder how the instructors choose the ones to fill the hour?

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