Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saturday Stats

Another recap of my weekly Zumba stats and sessions.
I did hit five classes, but did have some repeats this week.
I wasn't able to hit my usual Thurs/Fri due to Halloween activities.
Glad I have back-up options!

  • Monday Zumba Stats ... Southziders: HRM 400, Fitbit 458 and 6871 steps. "In Zone" 34 of the 63 minutes. Average heart rate 122. I missed the first minute or two of class. Nina had to duck out, but Sabik, T and Debbie handled class. I even helped out with a couple. I lost a couple more minutes trying to get Bambalam downloaded onto my phone, but still good numbers for the day. I'm always ready to get back to Zumba after taking the weekend off! I was a little distracted/emotional as #4 had a really tough morning, but it's nice to have an outlet for it myself! It was a pretty full class today 
  • Zumba Stats for Tuesday with Marian ... HRM 380, Fitbit 432 and 6572 steps. "In Zone" 45 of the 58 minutes. Average heart rate 123. I was a little late, it's just hard to get the kids to school and make it there by 8:45 ... but I love the early hour actually! It is nice to be done and home by 10:00 *Ü* Good class today, I felt full of energy! We had more than the norm there today, which was good
  • Zumba Stats for Wednesday with MZL ...HRM 494, Fitbit 533 and 7959 steps."In Zone" 54 of the 69 minutes. Average heart rate 129. Great numbers today, but I must admit, when I'm THAT close (to 500 on the PolarFT4 and to 8000 steps on the Fitbit) I wish I'd gotten just that tiny bit more to hit those numbers! *Ü* 
  • Thursday Zumba Stats with Marian ... HRM 385, Fitbit 436 and 6168 steps. "In Zone" 46 of the 55 minutes. Average heart rate 128. I missed the morning class with Claudia&Co as the elementary had their Halloween parade and parties today during that time. I was happy to have an evening option. I had to sneak out early to pick up my son from basketball, so just under an hour.
  • Friday Zumba Stats with MZL ... HRM 486, Fitbit 498 and 7528 steps. "In Zone" 55 of the 65 minutes. Average heart rate 132! My usual Friday Zumba was taking the day off, and with my kids out of school today, I could hit the earlier MZL class, so I did. Another set of great numbers (both my stats and the songs/steps). I didn't wear a costume, but did don a "Happy Halloween" t-shirt. We did dance to "Thriller" ... 
Next week I should be back to my usual five classes. 
I'm already looking forward to them!

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