Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Worries and Monday Mornings

Ah ... Monday Mornings.

Monday mornings have been a bit traumatic in our house of late. Anxiety Child (#4) gets comfortable being safe and sound at home over the weekend, and so the thought of returning to school for SEVEN WHOLE HOURS is completely overwhelming to him. I'm sure other kids, and even adults feel the same way.  But Anxiety Child? He refuses to get out of bed, to get dressed, to eat breakfast. He says he's sick. He cries. He begs to stay home, or have me stay with him at school. 

Sigh ... it was that kind of morning.

I tried to distract him by reflecting on the weekend and all that had happened. 

  • He's had a loose tooth that has been causing him pain for a few days and on Friday, he finally pulled it out! I'm so glad to have that troublesome tooth gone. Oh ... the tooth fairy STILL hasn't come! Flaky fairy!
  • The boys got  haircuts (I actually cut #4's myself, although the other boys required a "professional" at the local salon). Would his friend's notice?
  • I picked him up the brand new Pokemon game for DS that he had been anxiously awaiting and saving his money for. Was anyone else lucky enough to get it too? Red or Blue?
  • Daddy took him and #5 to see the movie "BigHero6" which he loved. Maybe some of his friends had seen it too ...
  • He memorized all the state capitals and was ready to pass them off to his teacher ... one step closer to earning the "Great American Award" in school. 
#4 and his new Pokemon game.
 #4 in a silly mood.

 Me and My Boy...
He Survived School!

It wasn't really a great weekend for me. Last weekend recap I mentioned that on Thursday night at Zumba, I wasn't feeling well. I made it through the class, and went to my Friday morning class, but felt a bit off the entire weekend. Well this week ... it happened AGAIN! Not at Zumba Thursday night. I felt great! It was Friday night. I was making #4 a toasted cheese sandwich when it came on. I felt dizzy. Cold and clammy. Nauseated. I needed to lay down before I fell down, but I also wanted to finish up the sandwich. I couldn't find the spatula, until #4 handed it to me (after I burned the sandwich). Off to bed. I felt awful. Hubs checked on me when he got home from his derby. Brought me a heating pad as I was still so cold. I mentioned #2 was still out with friends and he took care of getting him home.

I felt better on Saturday, but still had a bit of a "hangover" from whatever it was that hit me the night before. I stayed in bed for a while, and didn't bother to make it when I got out. It was just one of those "I'm not even going to make the bed" kind of mornings. I got a little elliptical in and felt fine, but not up to doing a lot. I played some games with the kids (Scattergories,  BabbleOn, Boggle), made cookie press cookies (pumpkins for Thanksgiving) and caught up on some blogging (still REALLY behind on the family blog though!)

I'd actually thought I might get a lot of exercise in on Saturday. Hubs and the two older boys were helping get Maga's (grandma) stuff from storage into her new home and were gone most of the day. It was a yucky, overcast, dreary and depressing day though. Rain in the morning, snow in the evening.
 The Blackham Boys & Maga's Move

So ... Monday morning. Hubs took the day off work to continue working on the move. #1 was off to work. The boys (including Anxiety Child) were off to school. I made it to Zumba, ran some errands, got in some additional exercise, did some cleaning and laundry). #4 was fine when I picked him up from school. They say he's always fine AT school... it's the anticipation anxiety that kills us! Linking up with MIMM ... hoping for Marvelous Mondays (on medication *Ü*???) in the future!

How was YOUR weekend and Monday morning?
Do you have any anxiety issues to deal with?

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  1. Sounds like you are dealing with vertigo! My husband gets a few episodes a year. Not fun! I deal with anxiety issues (I take Lexapro) and my daughter is 10 and still in our bed and is NOT allowed to watch the news! It is horrible to deal with. She is scared of everything!!!!!


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