Monday, November 3, 2014

October Ends (Weekend Recap)

We've had such wonderful weather this October. We couldn't have asked for anything nicer than Halloween! It was 72° ... a perfect night to be walking around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. The hubs set up the projector and play "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" as he handed out candy, with the help of #1 and #3 (#2 ... Mr. Social was out with friends as usual). I supervised the two little ones as they gathered candy from around the neighborhood. I got a little over 6000 steps, we headed back home after about an hour.

The boys then do their annual "sort" ... separating out their favorites (Kit Kats top the list) and donating anything peanut/peanut butter to me or the older boys (#5 is allergic, #4 just doesn't like peanut butter). I did indulge in a little candy.

Saturday #1 went out and bought donuts. DONUTS. I can't resist donuts! Then hubs suggested a day date to the mall. We walked around, checked out "The Container Store" and grabbed a pretzel. Calories in were not great on Saturday. I did get my hour of elliptical in, and walked during #3's basketball game (got 6000+ steps). 

Sunday I got in my hour of elliptical. In addition to the usual temptation of our weekly "Sunday Circles" breakfast, #1 had made sugar cookies yesterday and there were extras. I decorated some of the "turkey cookies" (pictured in my CandyCorn post a couple weeks ago) and of course ate one too.

So this Monday morning, weight was NOT the lowest Monday weigh-in (after the low on Friday) but I did manage to squeak in under 150 still. But got to get back at it to lose the weekend weight gain! Back to the schedule of school and such. It was a long weekend (the kids had Friday off with the end of the quarter). Any weekend is hard for Anxiety Child, and a long weekend makes it even worse. Yesterday and today were BAD. I'm not sure what we are going to do. #2 is starting driver's ed before school, which means we need to get him to school earlier (and means a separate trip for me) ... at least with the Daylight Savings time change, it's a little easier. We'll see how it impacts my mornings.

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