Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Stats

A week's worth of Zumba stats!
Five different classes ... Five different instructors.
How did they stack up this week?

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  • Monday with Southziders ... HRM 506, Fitbit 544 and 8235 steps. In Zone 52 of the 74 minutes (yup, we got a little extra time today). Average heart rate 125. I'm always ready to get back to Zumba after taking the weekend off. Love starting the week with Southziders. It just sets the tone. So, based on the numbers today (and #4 going to school without issue) it looks to be a great week! Nina, Sabik and Deb were the instructors today. Missing T out with a hurt knee. Pretty good crowd, but still more room, it's a big church.
  • Tuesdays with Marian ... HRM 463, Fitbit 492 and 7119 steps. "In the zone" 54 of the 62 minutes. Average heart rate 130! (I think I've only achieved the 130s average one other time *Ü*) Feeling great today! I was a tiny bit late Marian is always so prompt starting exactly at 8:45). Wearing my new Zumba (official Zumba!) leggings that I got for FREE from said instructor (a coupon she gave me .. I did have to pay $5 shipping). I'm not quite comfortable in the tight fit (although actually the large is a little large, I generally wear baggy stuff), but wearing a jacket tied around my waist helped (covers up the butt!) Great way to start the day! 
  • Wednesday with MZL ... HRM 383, Fitbit 494 and 7101 steps. In Zone 42 of the 62 minutes. Average HR 117. Didn't quite get the Polar numbers as up today. I need a little bit of space to feel comfortable, and I felt a little crowded today (there WAS room, I don't know why the lady was standing SO close!)
  • Thursday with Claudia&Co ... HRM 373, Fitbit 444 and 7253 steps. In Zone 42 of the 56 minutes. Average heart rate 121. I've normally been on time (even early) to this class, but today I had forgotten my purse&phone as I dropped off the elementary kids. I ran home to grab them and it did make me a little late. It took me a bit to get into my groove. Just Claudia and Marian as instructors today.  Claudia has SO many songs and routines, I haven't done them enough to master many of them. I wonder how she remembers them all.
  • Thursday with Marian ... HRM 438, Fitbit 423 and 6618 steps. In Zone 40 of the 56 minutes. Average heart rate 133! This was the evening class, and I was late again! I had to drop #3 off at his basketball practice on the way. I was happy to feel much better than I did last week (still not sure what happened to me then). I lead a couple new songs too. Polar was actually higher than the Fitbit! I was keeping the heart rate up and felt great :)
  • Friday with Heather ... HRM 348, Fitbit 494 and 7437 steps. In Zone 28 of the 65 minutes. Average HR 110. It was a bit disjointed today. A late entry to the building, only to find out the power was out. Changed churches and got started. Again ... a little crowding of my personal space. I just need a little room to move without feeling like I'm going to run into someone. There was a collision between a couple of the kids which ended up in blood, tears and a fat lip.
I probably won't have a full report next week with the Thanksgiving holiday ... I know my Thursday group is taking the day off, and I'm not sure if I would make it even if they weren't (although we're going to the inlaws for dinner, so I don't have too much prep). The kids are out of school Wed/Thurs/Fri so that might screw with the schedule somewhat. Not sure if classes are happening those days either. I guess we'll see. Right when I really need the workouts to work-off those extra Thanksgiving calories!

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