Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Stats

A look back at my Zumba classes this week.
Five different classes. Several different instructors.
Stacking up the Stats.

  • Monday with Southziders ...  I wasn't sure I was going to get a Monday class, as Southziders were going to do a bit for Fox News instead of our class. That ended up not happening, so class was back on (although due to the confusion it was smaller than usual). But I was so happy to have class, it's how I like to start my week! Good numbers today!
  • Tuesdays with Marian's Class... I actually made it on time today! We had a fairly full class today. Happy to have more people coming. I missed my shadow (#4, who I left at school sobbing this morning). Was it only a week ago he came with me? Feels like forever (as we try to figure out what to do about his anxiety issues). Good numbers ... SO close to 500/7000 on the Fitbit!
  • Wednesday with MZL ...  We did get a little extra time today which does help push the stats up.  I was happy to make it on time today... I've been bringing my Zumba stuff with me as I drop the kids off at school (and have to peel away from #4). I used to make a quick trip back home but that hasn't been happening of late. It was a very good class today. Started strong, and kept moving the entire time until the cool down. I didn't have water, and I think I needed it today! 
  • Thursday with Caludia & Co ... coming straight from the school I'm one of the first ones here (I didn't even have to walk the child to class today! He got out of the car himself!) but there are often a few things to do to get ready, like opening the overflow and closing the curtain to the chapel. Claudia, Marian, Kristy and Nina were the instructors today. Nina even did "Solider Boy" which I had requested. Several new songs though. I am getting better at picking up steps.
  • Thursday with Marian ... evening class. I was a little late as I had to grab #3 from the middle school and drop him at the high school (going from one basketball practice to the next). I was NOT feeling 100% though. I'm not sure what was up with me. I felt lightheaded and chilled (usually Zumba makes me hot!). My heart rate dropped and I didn't really even have the energy to care. There were only four of us there, and that might have affected the energy a bit too.  I did finish the class. I think maybe I hadn't eaten enough ...
  • Friday with Heather ... the gym is freezing when we enter, but we soon warm things up. There were SO many kids today! Around 12 adults, and twice as many children playing on the stage. It's a little distracting ... and maybe more so when they all disappear (I wonder what they are doing then?) A few new faces I hadn't seen before. Missing T who hurt her knee on Wednesday. Some sound issues, a short in the system. Hope it gets fixed! :)
Took a break from Zumba Saturday and Sunday ... back at it tomorrow!

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