Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Borrowed Books (and Birthdays)

Yesterday was my birthday. In addition to going out to dinner and having family over for cake, Hubs got me some red roses, and wrote up a nice tribute on Facebook for our friends and family to see. He said ...

Did you know:
  • This girl WILL NOT eat pizza. PERIOD.
  • She does not like when I try on her bras (I know...TMI)
  • She has attended/videoed/cheered on more of our boys' sporting events than me by a ratio of 30:1 (and that's probably conservative)
  • One year we were needing a new family vehicle and I needed a new work vehicle...almost without hesitating she said: No, I think you should get a new truck. (true love, right?)
  • Favorite restaurant: TIE - Red Robin and Texas Roadhouse
  • Favorite color: gray (get it? wink wink)
  • MIGHT have an acute anxiety for driving  
  • She is a walking infomercial for FitBit
  • Zumba, anyone?
  • A voracious reader! The length of the list of books she's read boggles my mind
  • She is the consummate caregiver. She might actually enjoy when I'm under the weather because it's then that she can "take care" of me. And, yes, I'm guilty of milking my illness from time to time because I know how good I have it.
  • She is the mother to 5 boys who simply don't know how good they have it. Someday they'll get it.
Here's to you, babe. Happy birthday! Love you
Wasn't that sweet?  But this post isn't about my birthday, but rather about bullet #10. I'm a reader! I've been happy to combine this love with my love of staying active, by "reading and riding". I'm a convert to digital books, and my Ipad and/or Kindle fit perfectly on the stationary bike. Unlike a regular book, where turning the pages and trying to keep them open can be an issue, digital books are so user friendly. The lighting in the gym isn't great, but that's ok, as digital books have a backlight.

Another wonderful thing about digital books is the ability to borrow them so easily. I love my library! It's pretty close by, but it was still a bit of a pain to have to go in and check out the books, and return them by the due dates. Borrowing books makes it a snap. I can make a wishlist, see which ones are available immediately. Those that are already checked out, I can put on hold. When it is my turn to check them out, I simply click and download. Returning is just as easy ... or do nothing and they simply "go back" when they are due. No late fees.  I've been borrowing a LOT of books from my library lately!

As I opened up my Kindle app the other day, I noticed all the white "covers". Those are books that "expired" and went back into rotation at the library. It's fine ... I was done with all of them! In the past, I did like to own books, and reread my favorites. But now? There are SO many out there and they are so easy to obtain, I don't know that I'll ever read a book twice again! Also ... some of the selections are for the kids (I'm not reading Zombie Goldfish or Big Nate myself ... although I do often read the kids books just to keep apprised of what they are reading).

Speaking of the Kindle ... that is my favorite way to read my digital books. Not ON the Kindle mind you, although I do have one. I prefer the Kindle app on my Iphone. I know it's small, but it's perfect for reading on the go or in bed. I recall reading book 5 in the Harry Potter series while pregnant with #4. That book was SO heavy! I'd rest it on my big belly and the baby would kick at it - I think it was too heavy for him too! My phone is so light, and it has a light (so I don't need a lamp) and I always have it with me anyway.

We did invest in Amazon Prime ... in addition to the free 2-day shipping and the streamable shows, our Prime membership allows us access to the Kindle Lending Library. Once a month, I can borrow a book (on the Kindle, it doesn't work on the app unfortunately). So in addition to my library borrowing, I grab one from Amazon every month too. Many are available there that aren't at the local library (many indie authors and such ... not all are winners, but it's still a nice option to have).

Just as the television is a motivator for the elliptical and treadmill time, my books are a great motivator for me to hit the bike. As I've started up monthly posts about What I've Been Watching,  I thought I'd check in each month or so with a quick spotlight on what I've been reading. I have touched on the topic a few times before in the blog (books) but I figured maybe I'd make it a regular feature (as my friend Runaway Bridal Planner does on her blog). I always like to look back on what I've read ... so I'll put it here and you can peek too! So if you're interested, check back on the second Tuesday of next month!

Are you a book buyer, or book borrower?


  1. Happy Happy Birthday! Love what your husband wrote about you, sounds like you have a great guy with a fun sense of humor!
    You already know I love books and I totally enjoy taking advantage of the local library too:) Looking forward to your reviews, especially since I think we already have similar tastes in great books:) I'm always looking for a good recommendation:)

  2. Happy Belated Birthday. Actually, November 10 is also my birthday. Yes, I absolutely love reading! I have a Nook, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 3, Kindle, Samsung Player, and of course my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. I read on all my devices. I read the traditional format books and electronic. I check books out the library, and I have gone as far as to put my daughter's library card information on my devices and check books out of her library which is in a totally different state. Do I read, seriously....LOL I worked part time at B&N for 15 years and I have the books and magazines to prove it. :o) Reading takes me to a new world, but I have not been reading much of late because I am focusing on losing weight and getting healthy. You say can't I do both, for me the answer is NO. I will stay up all night to finish a good book then have to get up for work the next day. I become obsessed when I read. I look forward to hearing about what you are reading. Again, Happy Belated Birthday.

    1. My oldest just got a job at B&N! He wasn't a reader until recently (I'm not sure why none of my boys follow my excellent example when it comes to reading!) I read while on my stationary bike. I don't get in a super quality workout, but I feel like I'm getting double duty for my time, and I don't feel guilty about my reading. I am SO tired at night, that even the most exciting book can't keep me awake. I guess I always know it will still be there in the morning. I am pretty much only digital now, I really don't like reading physical books anymore. :)

  3. FREE Kindle books every day, baby! That's what it's all about! Get on their email list, and they will send you DOZENS of free Kindle book links every single day!


    (and lots of discounted Kindle book titles, too!)

    And belated happy birthday! (and what a sweetie your hubby is.)

    1. OH yes! I love the freebies. I probably have 600+ books waiting in my Kindle Cloud. If I think I might like the book and it's free, I grab it. It can be a little hit and miss with some of the free books, but there have been some really good ones. I use Pixal of Ink and Book Bub to watch for the free offers.:)


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