Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Oops ... I didn't get a post up yesterday. Usually I do! Monday is my MOTIVATED day. The return to routine, back to the structure of the schedule. I do SO much better Mon-Thursday. Weekends?  I'm "weak" ... exercise and eating suffer. I don't know that I really relax, but I don't hold myself to the same standard. It's the weekend ...

Yesterday, I was a little nervous to step on the scale. I'd bumped up a bit even for my Friday weigh-in. Up a little more Saturday morning. Up a little more on Sunday. Would I be able to stay on my "under 150" trend? I did. 148.9 Monday morning. But as I didn't get my post up yesterday, I also didn't keep my calories in check (had the folks over for "Grandparents and Games" night, with pizza and ice cream). Even though I got in quite a bit of exercise during the day... I was up to 149.6 this morning. So if I want to stay in my happy 145-150 range, I'd better shape up! No relaxing!

This past WEAKend wasn't great as far as food/fitness. The decline actually started Thursday night. I went to Zumba in the evening (after hitting a class in the morning too). Usually this is a good thing. One final push before the official Friday morning weigh-in. But last Thursday? I felt off. A little light-headed. I was COLD (instead of sweaty and hot). My heart rate dropped ... and I didn't care. I finished the class, but didn't get great numbers. I thought maybe I hadn't eaten enough, so I did eat more when I got home.

Friday morning weight was up a bit. I went to Zumba and felt pretty good. Not my usual bouncy self, but nothing like last night. I got in my hour of elliptical spread throughout the day, but I took it pretty easy.

Saturday was fairly low-key. I slept in. The hubs and I hit a matinee at Hale Theater. This is more high class than the Desert Star theater which we also frequent (and which I really do love). I actually performed at Hale Theater myself years ago when they first moved to Utah ... before they turned professional.

The show was "Catch Me If You Can" which you may recall as a movie starring Tom Hanks and Leonardo Dicaprio some years ago. I really enjoyed the movie, and I also read the book and really liked it. I enjoyed the play too. It was a musical, a bit too much dancing. I like dancing ... admire it as I can't do it myself. It was just a little overpowering on such a small stage (it's theater in the round).  It really must be quite a workout for those dancers every single performance! It would be interesting to strap a heart rate monitor and Fitbit on them and get their stats! *Ü*

Unlike Desert Star, it isn't a dinner theater ... so I didn't go completely overboard on popcorn, cheesy bread & drinks. But they do sell concessions, and Hubs bought me a GREAT BIG chocolate chip cookie.

#3 had a basketball game Saturday evening. I did my usual pacing around before and during the game and got in 7000+ steps. Not really active steps, but steps none the less. Better than just sitting. I don't like just sitting. I just hope I don't look too weird walking around. Everyone should be watching the game anyway, right? Pretty easy win for the boys, the final game of this season ... but the next season is just around the corner  (and I'll have three boys playing then, #3 playing in two leagues, so double the games and practices for him).

On Sunday I made the traditional Sunday Circles breakfast. This week I DID NOT EAT A WAFFLE. Every week I tell myself I can make them but not eat them ... but I always end up eating one. I didn't this week. I missed it a bit, but you know ... it was ok. I still snuck some bacon and hash browns, but I actually kept calories in check. I made baked ziti for the boys for dinner ... I don't eat that myself, so no temptation there. I actually LOVE making dinners I don't like. It's very helpful in controlling my eating!

I didn't even have any "anxiety child" excuses yesterday! #4 went to school ... maybe not happily, but willingly, with no tears. Unheard of for a Monday morning lately! He really struggles going back to school after spending the weekend in his home happy place. I think distraction is a key with him. We were very busy in the morning finding homophones (those words that sound the same, but are spelled differently and have different meanings). It was fun and it kept his mind occupied I think. On that note ...

I need to make sure my WEEKends aren't WEAKends!
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  1. I love the Hale Theatre, but haven't been to a play there in years. I should change that:) That is a great idea to make dinners you don't like:) I should try that. My problem is when I go out shopping I seem to always go hungry and buy too much not so healthy stuff:) I should go on a full stomach and buy stuff I don't like as much, maybe that is the key to keeping my calories in check, haha.

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