Friday, July 4, 2014

Fun 4th of July Photos & WWI#51

It's a Flashback Friday on this Fouth of July. Flags and fireworks and photos. The little munchkin in the scrapbook page above is now 10 years old! For today's Friday Five link up, I thought I'd share five flashback 4th of July photos featuring food, fireworks and fun photography!

Here's the same munchkin (#4) as in the scrapbook page, a year later. Let them eat cake! My mother-in-law made this. It's pretty simple, and checkout Pinterest for many variations!

... and #4 again, a couple years ago. He's my son who has struggled with anxiety issues. For several years, the 4th of July was just a little too overwhelming. He didn't like the loud booms and would hide in the house. Sparklers aren't too scary though ...
For a little photo fun, see if your camera has a "night mode" option. This leaves the shutter open longer and can create some interesting effects. Here, my son twirled his sparkler in a circle. You, as the photographer want to stay as steady and still as possible, and have the person in the picture stay as still as possible ... except for the small movement of the sparkler.

Another fun photo we have was an accidental optical illusion.
After we got these pictures back (back in the old "film" days), we realized my son (#2 back in 2004) had happened to line up the big firework he was holding to a lit one in the background. Many people who saw this picture were chagrined that we had our young son holding a live firecracker! It does look like that! We've since recreated this pose a few times on purpose!

I always hesitate to invest in the big, expensive fireworks. They are over so quickly. We have a few neighbors just down the street that seem to hold an informal competition most years! We usually just sit back and watch those. They are almost as impressive as the big firework shows. At our house, we stick with plain and simple (and less expensive) options.   The five favorites in our family are ...

  • Sparklers
  • Smoke Bombs (in the picture above)
  • Pop-Its (the boys love to attack ME with these!)
  • Parachutes (they all try to catch the little parachute as it comes down)
  • Snakes or Tanks
We do usually buy a few of the fountains, and some of the other items available, but the five listed above are our standard fare. Most are done in the daylight too (just the sparklers are better in the dark).

After sharing FIVE flashback photos and FIVE favorite fireworks, I'm linking up with my Friday Five linkups: Five on Friday (Courtney, Mar and Cynthia), Friday Favorites at Running4Cupcakes, Friday Favorites at Housewife Glamour, High Five Friday at LaurenElizabeth and Five Things Friday at Fitting It All In

But as it IS Friday, time for my weekly recap and weigh-in ...
... I made it through the weekend without popping above 153 and when I hit a low of 150.9 on Wednesday, I wondered if I might be able to sneak a loss this week. But my eating Wednesday and Thursday left much to be desired, and the scale did reflect that. Up 1.6 from last weeks weigh-in, but my average actually went down a bit (.81 to 151.86). I did have a deficit for the week (2567). Food intake and burn were almost identical to last week (2429 intake, 3093 average burn). 

I'm linking up with  Fitness Friday with Jill and a late Weigh-In Wednesday.  


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