Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Five Look Back and WWI#53

Yesterday I talked about the number 22 ... today it's five, Friday Five. The DC Bloggers are looking back at their goals. I didn't set any "New Years Resolutions" and my goals have stayed pretty much the same ... but I thought I'd look back on five things I'd mentioned a while back and let you know where things are standing now.

  • Revising My Records: Back in January I posted how I was switching from my small recording notebook to a bigger one. It didn't QUITE work out that way. I did revert back to the small one for downstairs. I do still write my stats on it each day and tear off the sheet and bring it upstairs. I so still have the bigger notebook, which I keep upstairs by the computer. I'm pretty good about transferring the stats from my single sheet to the notebook and then tossing the small sheet so they don't pile up (like in the picture). I do like having the bigger notebook with everything in it, nice and organized for me to keep (although I do still transfer the info to the computer as well). 
  • A Farewell To French Tips: Back in March I said goodbye to my pretty, acrylic nails. I loved the look. I didn't love the upkeep or the cost (in time and money). It took a good two months to finally grow out the damage. I really don't know that I'll ever be able to grow them to anything I'll be happy with. I did just invest in some Pink Armor Nail Gel that had some good reviews ... but as far as I can tell it's no different than any other nail strengthener I've tried. I was doing ok ... until yesterday! One of my nails got a snag and I couldn't leave it alone. I'd nibble at it and soon it was gone. Once I've attacked one, I often attack the others. Not down to the quick, but I lost the tiny progress I had. Starting over ...
  • My Treadmill 5K: In April, I was excited to finally "jog" a 5k (no walking!). In that post I pondered "will I do this once a month" .... ummm, no, I haven't even attempted it again.
  • Check Engine: Also in April, I posted about our car troubles. The dang "check engine" light on in my son's truck and in my suburban. Happily, the light magically went off in my car Someone had commented that once it was just their gas cap not on tight enough ... I HAD had that warning, and I guess it just took a little time for things to regulate after I had fixed that tiny issue.  My son's car did not have such a happy ending ... we couldn't pass emmissions inspection, thus couldn't register the car and be legal. No easy fix either ... a "cylinder misfire" which can't really even be repaired. You have to replace the engine! We did manage to get a waiver to just buy us some time (got registered for this year) while we figure out what to do. I'm actually driving the truck this coming week. Hope it holds up for me!
  • Committing to Fruits/Veggies: I've posted about Pact a few times, and every time I wonder aloud if in addition to the "gym" and "food logging" pacts I've committed to, if I should try the "veggie" pact. I really considered it ... but have decided NOT to do it. Having to take a picture, post it and wait for people to vote and approve it just seemed more stress than it would be worth (especially as I'm on a Facebook group where people post some of their vote downs and showcase people cheating). I just decided to stick with my food and fitness pacts, which are easy peasy for me. I will TRY to eat more fruits and veggies still ... just not commit to them on Pact.
I just KNOW you've been wondering about these topics with baited breath, so there you go. The updates! I also know you are anxiously awaiting my weigh-in results, so without any further adieu ...

I'm the S.A.M.E. Again! Down to the ounce. I'm consistent at least, right? That's three weeks in a row at 152.6. I did finally go in and update my WEEKLY WEIGH-IN page... easier to see the week to week trend. I haven't yet crunched my weekly numbers, I will. I'm happy I'm not gaining ... I AM still trying to lose, not maintain. Just taunting me with these few pounds, that elusive 150. Gotta get below and THEN stay steady. I know it's just a few pounds, and I know it's just a number ... but it's the number I have in my head! 

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  1. I've had so many plateaus - it is SO frustrating, I know! Then recently I started to gain back weight and I really didn't think I was doing so poorly with my eating. Sigh. You will get there! I found doing a total sugar detox or another cute-things-out detox helped jumpstart me, when before I said I would never do anything like that. I hope you find what works for you to push past the plateau. Hang in there!

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with maintaining a manicure. I try to do my own nails to save money, but it is hard to find that time to remember to repaint them regularly. I bet it was hard to give up your beloved acrylic nails!

  3. sometimes it seems that the last few pounds are the hardest :(


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