Monday, July 14, 2014

Day of Rest?

My last "Rest Day" was ... ummm, April I think. Easter. I don't do rest days well. I just enjoy my exercise too much. It's so much a part of my daily routine. Instead of wearing me out, my workouts energize me and keep me motivated in other areas in my life. I do know rest days are important.

I took a rest day yesterday.  I didn't do much on Saturday either ... a "rest weekend" if you will. Inspired a bit by being super sore and barely able to move!

I posted about my soccer experience on Thursday. Friday, I still went a little crazy with double Zumba in the morning. I was stiff and sore, couldn't quite do some of the moves,  but I felt pretty good, I did manage to get goal numbers. I had 30K in steps at the end of the day ( ... so did my 8-year old, more on that in another post! *Ü*)

The stiffness/soreness got worse as Friday progressed. Saturday morning I got up and went to Zumba.  I was REALLY feeling it in my legs. I didn't have my usual joy (I still enjoyed it, but I did struggle though it as well, which is unusual for me) and wasn't able to get goal numbers. I did a couple half-hearted 15-minute sessions on the elliptical on Saturday too ... and that was it.

Seriously ... I didn't do much of anything else all day.

My motivation for moving at all was gone. Not just for exercise ... for anything! I did make it to the store for some grocery shopping, but other things on my to-do list did NOT get done. Hubs and the kids were gone too ... I had the house to myself. I took a nap, I read a book (in bed, not on the bike). I got a little sun. Ate too much. The hubs and I watched movie in the evening.

In a way it was a good day. In a way, it wasn't.

Sunday I had thought I'd do my YouTube Zumba, get some elliptical, maybe some reading and riding ... but I decided to take an actual rest day. No exercise. Church. Nap. More reading.  I think the "rest day" feels a little more natural (I feel less guilt) on a Sunday.

I'm really hoping that I can shake this soreness. I have Zumba today (and tomorrow, and the day after).  I'm planning on hitting soccer again on Thursday. I'll get back to my elliptical and bike, maybe even jog a mile. I need to do weights sometime this week. I don't feel particularly motivated after my rest day. I'm dragging, feeling lazy. The scale also definitely reflected the "rest weekend" as well. I'm thinking Newton's first law of motion really applies to me. An object in motion stays in motion. An object at rest, stays at rest. I seem to be one for extremes. All or nothing.

I'm hoping Zumba will jumpstart my motivation. Get me moving again. I'm still feeling a tad sore, but it's fading.

Linking up with MIMM and of course, Motivational Monday.
Do YOU take rest days regularly?
Do you look forward to them? Like them or loathe them?
Do you feel more energized after?



  1. I bet your body just needed it! I take at least one day a week rest day. But that is because after years of running, I realized one and occasionally two days off a week actually made me recover better and I had far more energy and it made for 20 years of practically no injuries from running too:)

  2. Sounds like a real exercise junky. LOL Sometimes, the body really needs a break. Glad you listened, and took it. :)

  3. I hope you are able to get moving again after your "rest weekend". It sounds like a weekend of rest was well deserved.


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