Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June 2014

 My "look back" on the past month always involves graphs. I love the visualization, of being able to "see" how the weeks went in numbers, lines and charts. Fitbit gives me a reflection on the past 30-days, so I always snag this "intake vs burn" graph each month. Certainly not perfect ... just one month I'd like to control myself and not have a day where I eat more than I burn. Have a month where those lines never cross or even touch. I appreciate the averages Fitbit calculates as well. I'm close to my goal of 3,000 for the average burn, and as always, need to work a bit harder on controlling my calories.

I am very active ... here's my workout calendar.
I was a little Zumba crazy this month! I have my Zumba classes Mon-Fri now, and even got in some sessions on Saturday (and even one Sunday)! I did double duty a few days too. I got my weight workouts in once or twice a week ... moving from Monday to Tuesday at the end of the month. Sometimes you have to switch up depending on other schedules. I try to stay flexible. My elliptical is broken up into several small (20min) sessions throughout the day ... I jump on both to get that burst of movement, and admittedly, to watch my shows. I only watch TV when on the elliptical. My bike riding time is my reading time. My mile ... ok, that is "exercise" and it's the only exercise I don't really enjoy (although on the odd occasion, I do get some pleasure from it, usually I'm counting down until I'm done, all 12 minutes of it!)

If you compare my "Got to Goal" graph to past months ... I generally did NOT hit goal over the weekends (Fri-Sun). While Sunday is still a struggle (and a rest day at times, even though I always get a little workout in), my Friday and even Saturday spiked this month. Thank you Zumba ...

Weight at the start of the month was 151.5. Weight at the end of the month was 152.8.  Weight  fluctuated throughout the month withing a 3.6 pound range. Low was 151.1 and the high was 154.7. You'd think with all my activity I might earn a little loss ... I'm not sure if my eating is just THAT bad (I do usually have a weekly deficit ... I try to log everything correctly, although I'm not good about weighing and measuring). While I do a ton of "exercise" I do know it's more quantity than quality. If I put the effort into better exercise, I wouldn't have to do as much ... but I actually enjoy all my moderate exercise. I have been trying to keep my heart rate up during Zumba, adding in steps and hops where I can to up my burn. I'm still not sure about these claims of 600-1000 burns for an hour of Zumba, I never come close (although I did hit a new high of 500 ... you can see all my numbers in my Zumba Stats album). Also, if you want more details of the day to day, see yesterday's post (June Daily Doings) where I post all my numbers and a journal entry for each  and every day.

I hadn't checked into Trendweight lately ... here's a look back at the last year. My initial success (15 pound loss) after joining MFP and tracking calories. Then a slow loss of 10 more pounds. Then my drop in December, subsequent recovery and regain (Trendweight evens out the actual sick loss a little). I had a bit of success at the end of March (Weigh-In #37) and then maintaining a slight re-gain SO close to goal (staying under 150).  Still striving for that ... what will July bring?

Linking up with Workout Wednesday with Diatta Harris of the Femme Fitale Fit Club and Sheila Simmons at The Frugal Exerciser.


  1. Alright you have the numbers DOWN but make sure you are eating the best you can as well as giving your body time to recover. Also you could try adding another day of weights. *smile* #wowlinkup

  2. Oh man I love data but have never made so many charts and graphs before. Seriously cool to see how you did over the past month. And you were so active! Great job! #wowlinkup

  3. It gets harder as you get closer to your weight goal, that means you have to be extra strict on your diet. However, with that said, it's summer ,so enjoy and maybe maintain and concentrate on weight loss in September. #wowlinkup


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