Monday, July 7, 2014

Me and the TV

I'm doing my best Vanna White pose for the picture above. Seemed like a logical shot to go with my title. This is the television in our master bedroom. It's nice for watching a movie with the hubs, or sneaking in an episode for before bed (with the hubs). There is no fighting over the remote in our marriage ... hubby has such a  high tech device that I don't even know how to use it! The hubs has been gone for a week, and I didn't even turn on this TV once while he was gone. The kids monopolize the television in the family room, but again I don't mind. I do actually watch a ton, just not on either of those!

Here's MY setup. A television, a DVD player, a Roku box and a Wii (also a speaker for my ipod when I'm in a musical mood). All right there in front of my elliptical and treadmill (and my "happy place" picture wall).  I have touched on this topic before (TV Time = Exercise Time) but as I was thinking about what motivates me, I thought I'd mention it here on Motivation Monday.

My television is not hooked up to our cable. I can't get a signal to watch live programming, but that's ok with me. We have Netflix, Amazon Prime, and PlayOn/PlayLater ... I can get almost any show I want between them. I do have the DVD backup just in case WiFi is having issues.  I'm very patient. I don't need to see a show immediately, generally, I'm more than willing to wait until an entire season (sometimes an entire series) is available for me to watch back-to-back (rather than waiting for weeks in between episodes). Because I don't watch any live TV, I don't see commercials or spoilers (although sometimes they do spill over onto Facebook). 

I'll watch movies here and there, but I like TV series. I prefer the "hour" (40 minutes sans commercials) shows to the shorter sitcoms (although I watch them occasionally). I'll elliptical for 20 minutes, press pause ... and then come back to finish my episode. If it's super exciting ... all the more motivation for me to get back to the elliptical for another session. 

I see some of these "commercial break" workouts out there ... but I just work out the entire time! I love the shows where the adrenaline is pumping (24, Friday Night Lights, Arrow) as that helps energize MY workout. 

I know I'm spoiled with my home gym ...being able to pop downstairs multiple times a day, being in complete control of my programming. I know many big gyms do have televisions or theaters, but it's not exactly the same thing. Some people might try watching on an ipad (hubs would even do that here in our own gym, not wanting to disrupt my paused show ... ok YES, do NOT mess with a DVD, because that is a pain to try and find my spot again, but I can resume Netflix or Amazon easily ... PlayOn is a bit more particular, but I could deal) ... I've tried an Ipad but my neck didn't like it, I much prefer the bigger screen and looking straight ahead.

I'm glad I found something that motivates me. Sometimes, I actually not sure if I'm actually addicted to the exercise ... or if I just like to watch TV *Ü* I'm so happy I have a workable set-up that makes it possible to do double duty.

As it is Monday, I'll do my quick weekend recap for MIMM.  Hubs and boys #1 and #3 were off at Lake Powell for the week. On Friday (the 4th of July) I took the remaining three boys and we went swimming at my parent's community pool. I didn't get in though, it was a little crowded. We went out to lunch afterward at Red Robin (last time I went to Red Robin was back in April, with three boys and my folks while Hubs and boys #1 and #2 were in New York). We bought $40 worth of fireworks (I mentioned our five favorite fireworks in my Friday Five post) and the boys had some fun with those, and the neighbors did not disappoint (they put on a big show every year). 

The hubs and the boys got back on Sunday. It's nice to have them home safe and sound. I was without contact with them the entire week. I liked the New York trip better, where I was able to get daily updates and photos. Their trip had a little bit of everything, a lot of water and fun, but some stressors too.  Like a Party Boat that pulled up along side their camp and proceeded to pump karaoke music and flash lights into the night. Winds that threatened to swamp the boat and rocked the wave runners all night. Beetles crawling all over ... and it was hot. Hubs can honestly say it was probably good I decided to sit this one out (and #4 also, my weather worrier ... hubs said he would have been pushed to the limit. We actually had a microburst here at home which did send the poor kid screaming to the basement, away from the kitchen windows). I discussed our Anxiety Issues last week ...

It's Monday. Jack is back (24 is on tonight!) so I'll be catching that tomorrow! For now, time to go to Zumba! I DO exercise without the TV too!


  1. Replies
    1. I know ... I'm so spoiled! It's nice and cool in the basement too!

  2. Nice gym :) That would be a great motivator :)

  3. Love your home gym set up! I put my treadmill in front of a TV, but nothing that cool! Enjoy 24 tonight! I used to watch that show, I haven't seen it since it started back up. I have this annoying addiction to watching the Bachelorette if I am home Monday nights in the summer:)

    1. I don't ever catch 24 when it airs, I have to wait until Fox posts it to their website (the next day), but I'm fine with that. I record it from the web, and then I can jump past the commercials. I couldn't stand watching anything "live" and not have the ability to pause, rewind or fast forward. I almost decided to just wait until the entire season was done and then watch the episodes back to back, rather than having to wait a week in-between. But then I decided to go ahead and watch it ... those reality shows, you do need to watch them live or shortly after as people are often talking about them and you'd hear spoilers.

  4. I love your home gym setup!!!!!!!


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