Friday, July 11, 2014

Fitness Snapshots from the Week & WWI52

 ... and it's Friday! Time for the Friday Five and my weekly weigh-in and recap. The DC bloggers (Courtney, Mar and Cynthia) set up a theme for their Five on Friday link-up. Fitness snapshots from the week. I had happened to take a couple pictures during the week, but I had to take a few more just for this post *Ü*.  

This morning, I did DOUBLE Zumba. I hit an 8:30 class, and then a 10:00 class. I hate shoes, so I have to take them off in-between. I don't really like putting on the same pair, so I headed out with two different ones today. My legs (quads mostly) are SO sore from yesterday when ...

  I played soccer!
A shapshot of my sweaty self after.

Every week I get in at least an hour of elliptical. It's just my basic daily activity ... it's the only time I watch TV.  I get in a 20 minute session first thing in the morning, and then at least two more throughout the day.  (Elliptical Love).

I got in a few sessions on my recumbent bike this past week. I go for 30 minutes, 8 miles. The bike is my reading time and I've had some books I've really wanted to get through ... so more time on the bike (Reading and Riding).  I've had several sessions this week!

Gotta get in some strength training in addition to the cardio. I'm really basic ... just a bench, some dumbbells, a kettle bell and a ball. That's all I need. I have posted about my weights workout before (Not Just a Weight Watcher).  I did weights on Saturday and on Tuesday. I try for 2-3 times a week, but make sure I get in at least one session of strength training.

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Being Friday ... it's also time for the 
Weekly Weigh-In

Same-o, same-o on the scale... little ups, little downs. Down .03 from last week (is that even enough to say it was a change?) High was 153.5. Low was 151.8. Average weight was up a bit. Average intake was 2280, Average burn 3100. I had a weekly deficit of 3680 ... if I crunched my numbers correctly (which of course is a lot of guesswork, even with gadgets and food trackers).

I actually felt like it was a good week. I really enjoyed my Zumba sessions and feel like I'm getting better. In addition to the fitness snapshots above, I did get in my mile once. I just reviewed a couple books on GoodReads (meaning I've been reading and riding!). The soccer was huge for me! Both in HRM numbers and just trying something new. SO still feeling it, I'm hobbling around! It makes me want to try other things though; tennis, racquetball, swimming, volleyball. Just other "fun" exercise!

Eating continues to be a struggle. I never feel out of control. I don't "binge" ... I am counting and this is actually me keeping calories in check! If I wasn't as conscious as I am, I could easily eat a lot more... my calories add up so quickly! I just don't crave any "good for you food" like I see others raving about and actually enjoying. A daily challenge!

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  1. Love your "reading and riding" time!!! Great idea! I have way too many books on my "too read" list, so last week I finally started listening to Audio books again, I download them and listen while I walk or ran last week. First book was not the best, but decided to try a 2nd and realized it was just the book, and I actually really enjoy getting into books that way:) Although paper is still my favorite:)

    1. I think my hearing is fine ... I'm just such a visual person that audiobooks don't really work for me. I need to see the words. Even with TV/Movies, I always put on subtitles if I can. My mom and brother (and the hubs) really like the audio options though! The library really comes in handy for that, as audiobooks are the priciest out there!

  2. I'm impressed with your stationary bike set up and the time on it as well as the elliptical!

  3. You do a lot of workouts! I'm impressed. I do running, biking and the elliptical trainer.

  4. soccer is such a crazy amazing workout! looks like a great week :)

  5. Oh my goodness, I haven't played soccer in forever. Looks like it was a great workout! Hope you had a great weekend :)

  6. Oh my mercy that's a lot of exercise!!! And you weigh every day!!! You're killing it. Thanks for linking up sister :)


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