Saturday, July 5, 2014

July Coffee Date

It was back in April when Jill, Nikki and Lynda hosted the 1st virtual coffee date link-up. I participated, and planned on doing it again. The next month, that first Saturday came and went.  Now I know the link-up is left up all month, and  I could have joined in late, but I didn't get around to it. The same thing happened in June. But I figured it was time to jump back on the blog hop! So here goes ...

If we met for coffee, I'm sure I'd talk about ...
  • Zumba: I'm even MORE crazy about Zumba than last time we talked three months ago. Since April I've been to many different classes, different instructors and don't really feel like a complete novice anymore. That is not to say I'm GOOD at dancing or anything, but I enjoy it and I have been able to improve my calorie burn. I'm Zumba-ing almost every day now! I actually have not lost any weight since I started ... and that's a little frustrating, but it's still been good for me. I'm sure there have been physical changes, but also the social and mental (new friends, overcoming anxieties, added confidence) have been great!
  • Family Stuff:  School is out ... I SO happy we are on a traditional schedule! Otherwise the two little ones would have JUST gotten done. I've enjoyed the summer so far. Getting used to the schedule switch-ups. #1 is working, #2 is busy with basketball, and the three younger boys (and our neighbor, who's practically part of the family) have been having fun hitting the bowling alley, the bounce house and grandma's pool. Still need to hit the arcade and try out the new splash pad.
  • Fitbit Stuff: My 15-year old (#2) actually surpassed me in steps on my Fitbit friend list! That was temporary, I've climbed back into the lead. Love that he can challenge me though! I went ahead and ordered another Zip for #1. I bought one off Ebay, and although they are cheaper, I am thinking it's better to buy new, and have the Fitbit warranty. They replaced #2's when he LOST it (it slipped out of the case, so I technically that was a defect) but it was over a year old so I was a little surprised. I've really been taking advantage of the different fitness reward programs, getting some cash from Achievemint and making trips to Kmart, and not paying a penny for my purchases (seriously, last trip I got a pair of basketball shorts for #2, and a 12-pack of paper towels and my points covered it all!)
  • What I'm Watching: I was pleasantly surprised when Amazon added several HBO offerings to their Prime streaming. The hubs and I had already seen many of the programs, but there were a few I'd had on my list of wanting to watch, but I had never gotten around to getting DVDs from the library. I started watching Big Love and have sped through the seasons (I'm on the final one, season 5 now). This show really brings up many topics that would be interesting to discuss with someone ...
  • What I'm Reading: I've been on a "Book 3" binge! It seems like so many of the books out now are a series, very often a trilogy. I'd read the first and second book in several different series. Some I just hadn't gotten around to the final book, and others, I was anxiously awaiting (they hadn't been released yet).  Anyway, EIGHT books in the past few months have all been "book 3"... I feel a sense of completion *Ü*  ... although a couple of the series do continue on. I'm reading book 4 of "The Frost Chronicles" now.

Snagged my list from Good Reads

Ok, I must admit ... I didn't have any coffee while we had our coffee date. I had some ice cream. It IS July, and it's HOT.  But I did Zumba this morning, and got some elliptical in.  I have been pretty good with calories today, so it was worth the splurge. Mmmmmmm, ice cream!


  1. The virtual coffee date sounds like a great idea. if we had coffee I would certainly be impressed by your Zumba prowesses and keeping up with all you do and five kids! My husband and I love getting into TV shows, after House of Cards and Mad Men we are currently getting into Dexter on Netflix. Wasn't so sure about that in the beginning but really getting into it now that we are on season 3. You remind me of all the books stacked up on my bedside table that I still want to read. Ever since I got into blogging (nine years ago) I have been reading a lot less books! Not good. I used to love reading, especially Scandinavian crime novels. Which of the books on your list would you most recommend? Well, I did have a coffee while writing this :)

    1. I am so hesitant to really recommend books, as everyone's tastes are so different ... but my favorites from the list above would be the "Under the Never Sky" and "The Selection" series (both trilogies). I've incorporated my reading into my workout time ... I'll read for 30 minutes while on the stationary bike.

      I've watched House of Cards. Season 1 of Mad Men and Dexter ... the remaining seasons are on my list, but my list is HUGE so who knows when I'll get to them!

  2. I would so having coffee or ice cream with you!! time would fly with all the topics we could cover!! I have been thinking about getting my kiddies and I Fitbit just to see how a little friendly competition would get them motivated! I'm about to have another cup of coffee while I read my blog list. Have a wonderful day Jen!!

  3. Summer in our house means a lot of reading too! So many friends love Zumba!

    I'm so glad we could get together and catch up :)


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