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June 2014 (Daily Doings)

Daily Numbers & Journal Entries
Every month I take my Day to Day Doings logs and organize them in chronological order for the completed month. Along with a picture collage, it's a detailed look back at my days. June 2014 had the kids finishing up school, and #1 graduating. I got more involved in Zumba and continued participating in the various fitness reward programs. #2 actually beat me in steps (can you believe that?) and I donned my pretty pink bowling shoes taking the kids to the local lanes. Finally ... T-shirts for Flag Day.  I'll plan on posting an official monthly recap tomorrow. How was YOUR June?

  • 0601 (Sunday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 151.5.  Calories in 1950. Fitbit Steps 21802. Total Burn 2730. Exercise Burn: 1031 (40minElliptical, 60min/4.5milesTreadmill ... 1mileJog, Intervals/Incline). Had an early morning meeting (7:00) over at the church. It didn't last too long. Got in my first elliptical session and made the kidlets breakfast. Walked to/from church. Very nice day out! Got in another elliptical session, and then I actually hit the treadmill for an hour in the evening. Kept calories in check today. 
  • 0602 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 153.2. Calories in 2000. Fitbit Steps 24023. Total Burn 3068. Exercise Burn 1360 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 1mileJog, 45minWeights). A little sad at the bump up in weight ... I used to it Monday mornings, but I thought I'd had such a good weekend maybe I wouldn't this week. Oh well. Back at it ... last week of school. It will be interesting to see how the schedule shifts for summer. Got the kids to school then went to Zumba. At this point, I knew of three different Monday classes. I went to the closest one, which also sounds like it won't be happening any longer. My third time with this instructor, and for the third time, my HRM was higher than my Fitbit.  Maybe bigger arm movements, getting the heart rate up even though the steps on foot level are the same.  Just interesting to note. Snuck in a little sunshine when I got home, but #1 was getting home early as his afternoon classes are now over. He did stop at the DMV (we got a waiver for the emissions on his truck) but their computers were down and he wasn't able to complete the registration. I wasn't sure I'd get weights in, I wasn't in a weights mode ... but I did. Got in my mile too, but no bike. After carpools, #3 wanted us to make gingersnaps to take to school tomorrow, so that took a good portion of the afternoon. And yes ... I ate too many but did keep calories in check. 
  • 0603 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 152.9. Calories in 2300. Fitbit Steps 24563. Total Burn 3048. Exercise burn 1341 (80minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30minBike). Kids off to school, then off to Zumba. We went to the other church again today (smaller, carpeted gym) as they said they didn't want us on the newly refinished gym floor quite yet. I was at the church on Sunday and it still smelled so strongly, I think it was a good move. For some reason, I couldn't quite get the heart rate up today. Sometimes, I'm aware that I'm a little off ... other times, I do think the HRM is a bit wonky! It would just sit at the exact same heart rate for several minutes when I'm sure it was changing. Gadgets! So lower reading on it today, Fitbit was about the average. Very small class, really just three of us and our two instructors. Hopefully we'll get more when we are back at the regular building. I don't want it uber crowded, but I don't want them to give up on it either! I had planned on going to my 2nd grader's class to help today (instead of the 4th grade, as I usually do) but then their party got pushed until the end of day, when I'm picking up middle school carpool. I snuck in a little sun again. #1 again tried to hit the DMV but everyone from yesterday apparently was too. You hear the horror stories of the waits, but this was literally two hours. He gave up and came home, but his extended registration expires tomorrow. He's already been pulled over once when it lapsed for a couple days while we figured stuff out  ($90!). I worked up a graduation announcement for him and sent it off to be printed. Feeling a bit blue today, a simple statement just dragged me down. Hard to shake. The big boys went up to Maga's house to help with the move again. Poor hubby was there all night, he didn't get home until after 10:00. Some running around of #2 and #3 as they went to hang with friends. Eating was ok ... a little emotional eating.  
  • 0604 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 152.0. Calories in 2500. Fitbit Steps 28732. Total Burn 3279. Exercise burn 1577 (80minElliptical, 60minZumba, 15min/1.25milesJog, 30minBike). Got the kids off then went to Zumba in Draper. Was able to get both devices over 400 for the burn. Stopped at Savers and Kmart on the way home. Kmart was busy ... well, they only had one checkstand open and that wasn't enough for those trying to check out. Got in some additional exercise throughout the day. Finished up my book "Ruins" and my next hold "Reached" just came in at the library, so good timing. After picking up carpools, I made some banana bread and muffins. The banana bread did push me high on calories, although still technically under my burn for the day. Hubby came home early today after moving Maga all day. They are about done now. 
  • 0605 (Thursday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 152.7. Calories in 2500. Fitbit Steps 20517. Total Burn 2659. Exercise burn 954 (40minElliptical, 60minZumba). Still had both carpools this morning, got the kids off then went to Zumba. Home again for  just a bit, then #1 and I snagged a ride with one of his classmates to get downtown for graduation. Hubby, MIL and SIL met us there. I did some walking around while I waited (as the grads had to be there a bit early). It was a good program. A couple beach balls appeared and were bounced around before being confiscated. After the ceremony, we went to Tepanyaki, yummy dinner. Home again home again jiggity jig ... glad to have this day behind me! 
  • 0606 (Friday) Good Day. Weight 153.5. Calories in 2550. Fitbit Steps 25842. Total Burn 3163. Exercise Burn 1456 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 12min/1mileJog, 40minWeights, 30minBike). Slept in a little. Got the elementary kids off for their last day, then was back at the school at 9:00 for the end of year awards ceremony. Each teacher chooses four students from the class to get a citizenship/Tiger'sPride award, and both my boys were selected by their teachers. I snuck out a little early (while awards for 5th&6th grades were being presented) and went to Zumba in Sandy. Third time there and I feel like I'm learning some of the steps better. Got good readings on my devices, so I think this sets the new day to beat for numbers. Picked up elementary carpool at 12:45, although just grabbed #4 and the other boy we take. #5 walked home with a friend and attended a movie with his family. I had a good exercise day, getting everything in. Food ... not so great. My banana bread I made the other day tempts me, and then it was National Donut Day and of course we had to celebrate. 
  • 0607 (Saturday) Good Day. Weight 153.0. Calories in 1900. Fitbit Steps 30859. Total Burn 3311. Exercise Burn 1604 (60minElliptical, 60min Zumba x2). Hubs decided to take the boys and the waverunners up to the lake. I was staying home with the two little boys (#5 had a soccer game) while they hopefully worked out the kinks before we go as a family. I'm not big on spending all day at the lake, so I do sit these trips out a majority of the time. I had been thinking of hitting a Zumba class (the Fuze one in Sandy, $2 drop-in) but I hadn't planned ahead enough, and wanted to get the boys off. I figured I try it on my own with Youtube. I spent a little time putting together a playlist, and adding the YouTube channel to my Roku and it worked great! Happy to have that option. Did have the soccer game for my youngest. They won, he scored. #4 wasn't too happy about me having him come along too (even though there was a playground and basketball standards and his cousins and a friend there! He's a homebody like me). We hit Little Caeser's on the way home for some crazy bread. The big boys were home. #2 was in desperate need of a haircut, so I took him and #3 in. Dropped #2 off at friend's afterward ... Mr. Social! Hubs was asleep, so I went ahead and hit a 7:00 Zumba at a nearby church for a late calorie burn and step. Grabbed some groceries ... I'd texted hubs to see if he needed anything. He did, but didn't get back to me until I was home. So he went to the store two, taking the two munchkins. #1 went to pick up #2 ... I was going to, but hubs had taken my car, and I don't dare drive his truck (#1 LOVES to drive Daddy's truck). Not a good night for sleep though :( 
  • 0608 (Sunday) Bad Day. Weight 151.7. Calories in 2500. Fitbit Steps 9710. Total Burn 2216. Exercise Burn 516 (40minElliptical). Instead of regular church, it was "Stake Conference" and then we were also heading out to my brother's ward to hear my niece speak, just returned from an LDS mission. Over to my brother's house for a bit, then to my BIL's house, to celebrate my nephew's birthday on the other side of the family. I did get in elliptical to start and end the day. Made (and ate) some brownies which I took to both events. At least I don't really have any leftover ... leftover marshmallow brownies tempt me too much. Intake exceeded burn today ... 
  • 0609 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 153.0. Calories in 2200. Fitbit Steps 25024. Total Burn 3127. Exercise burn 1420 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 1mileJog, 60minWeights). First official day of summer. #2 left for a church camp for a few days ... it will actually be rather nice not being on chauffeur duty for him. The other kids just played around all day, I'm sure sometime in the future they will be bored, but not yet. I got in Zumba and my other exercises. Hubs came home and suggested he and I hit a movie. We haven't had a date in a bit, so we went. I was glad I had all my exercise done and had kept eating in check, so even with popcorn and candy I wasn't too bad. Saw the latest X-men movie ... made me think I don't really remember the most recent one at all! 
  • 0610 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 153.2. Calories in 2200. Fitbit Steps 28392. Total Burn 3191. Exercise burn 1483 (60minElliptical, 90minZumba, 1mileJog, 30minBike, 10minWiiFit). Hmmmm ... just another day! It's a little nice having #2 gone, not having to be his personal chauffeur (#1 can drive and the other kids are quite content at home, but #2 ...) 
  • 0611 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 153.2. Calories in 1800. Fitbit Steps 24591. Total Burn 2975. Exercise Burn 1272 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba + Lawn Mow).  Slept in a little this morning, it was a slow start to the day. I didn't get in my morning elliptical session. Even with 9:30 Zumba, I was running a little late. Stopped at Kmart on the way home to spend my Fitstudio points. Got in my elliptical and mowed the lawn. Nice day out. Hubs came home early to finalize some moving stuff for his mom, which took him most of the evening. #2 returned from youth conference ... and asked me to drive him to the gym, where he bought a pass for summer. Then I had to pick him up a few hours later. He didn't want to go home, but to a friend's. I needed to gas up and get some groceries to I headed out to do that and figured I'd pick up the kid on the way back, but he ended up getting a ride home. Decent calorie consumption day. 
  • 0612(Thursday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 152.2. Calories in 2560. Fitbit Steps 24529. Total Burn 2991. Exercise burn 1288 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 1milejog). Got up and got in my elliptical and then hit Zumba. Stopped at the store to pick up a Father'sDay gift (one of those anti-gravity chairs), then went to the gym to grab #2 (he'd gotten a ride there with a friend). I dropped them off at the high school and returned home for just a bit (unload, check on the kids) and then went back to the school for #2's basketball game. He didn't have a good game, couldn't land a shot and he was NOT happy. He was out the final minutes with a bloody nose that wouldn't stop. They lost. He stayed at the school and watched the other team and helped run the clocks. I went back at 3:00 for the second game of the day. They won this one. Again ... I just left the kid there. He never wants to come home. I ran to Sam'sClub later in the evening and then went back to the high school to grab #2 at 8:00 (he would have stayed later if I allowed it). Dragging today, and ate too much...I still counted yesterday as a "good" day, even though I was shy of my 3000 total burn by 25 calories. Again today, just under, but today my food was so much higher than when I kept calories in check yesterday. 
  • 0613 (Friday) Good Day. Weight 153.5. Calories in 2800. Fitbit Steps 24933. Total Burn 3103. Exercise burn 1393 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30minBike).  #2 had a 9:00 and an 11:00 game, so I had to miss my usual Friday Zumba. I was sad to miss it. Still got in an elliptical session prior to the game, and a couple more throughout the day. Better games for #2 today. They won both. One of the refs was one I had chatted about Fitbit's before (he's seen me walking during previous games and we'd talked about it). He had one, but said he had lost it. I encouraged him to contact customer service, as our experience with them had proved worth the ask. Not sure when I'll see him again to ask how that turned out. Funny to have little Fitbit connections out in everyday life. To get my Zumba fix, I went ahead and did it downstairs to my YouTube playlist.  Also got some time on the bike and finally finished up my book (Reached). The hubs was late getting home, participating in a work volleyball session. I was actually a bit jealous. I really enjoy volleyball. Not that I'm good at it, I just enjoy it. And, I wish the hubs had a Fitbit ... curious to know how many steps he got! Not a good eating day though ... just snacking on so many treats. Also the boys wanted some Mac&Cheese for dinner. I made a big double batch, but still they dished it all up. I was fine not getting any, as it's not exactly low calorie. But then one of them didn't finish their bowl ... and I did.  
  • 0614 (Saturday)  Bad Day. Weight 152.4. Calories in 2800. Fitbit Steps 15163. Total Burn 2517. Exercise burn 813 (60minElliptical). One of the Zumba groups had mentioned having a 7:00 class this Saturday, but it didn't happen. Too bad, as while I do like to sleep in on Saturdays, hubs and the boys had to be up early to help with the scouts flags (it's Flag Day!). When they got back, hubs suggested going out to breakfast. I hadn't gotten downstairs yet, and I usually skip or push breakfast, but he doesn't suggest it too often. We went. It's a favorite place, but the pancakes had a bit of an after-taste to me (none of the kids complained) and their hashbrowns had changed. Maybe that helped me keep calories a little more in check than they would have been otherwise. #1 said we should pick up the Old Navy flag shirts for the whole family ... something we used to do. I gave him the go ahead and he went and grabbed some. I got a picture with my five boys.  #5 had his final soccer game of the season. Several players were out of town, so he played the entire game, which he was actually thrilled about. I'd love to strap a Fitbit on him and see how many steps he gets in during a game. I drive past a building called Soccer City on my way to one of my Zumba classes, and I looked into it and they have a women's open play. I might have to try that! I love soccer! Then #2 had his final basketball game of this tournament. They won. A friend of hubby was having a birthday party, so we went to that in the evening. Another high calorie day (I was surprised weight was down this morning after yesterday). No "binge" or anything, just a lot of little things adding up. 
  • 0615 (Sunday) Bad Day. Weight 152.3. Calories in 3000. Fitbit Steps 11983. Total Burn 2350. Exercise burn 647 (40minElliptical, walk to/from church). Father's Day. Hubs said the breakfast yesterday was his "breakfast" and skipped the traditional breakfast in bed to go for a jog. We had church, and then a family party on my side. I'd made jello cubes and sweet chex mix ... I ate way too much of the chex mix! It was really fun to be with all my brothers and sister and all their kids. We take an annual family photo at this Father'sDay gathering. Lots of laughter this year. Fitbit talk as well (#2's Fitbit came and he was back up and running with it). Nine Fitbit's in our family. Again, not a good eating day, and even though I did get in a couple sessions on the elliptical, it wasn't nearly enough to combat the calories. 
  • 0616 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 154.4. Calories in 1900. Fitbit steps 29166. Total Burn 3479. Exercise burn 1773 (90minElliptical, 60minZumba, 1mileJog, 60minWeights, 30minBike). #1 was up and off early to work. He's amazing for a teenager, getting himself out of bed. So I don't need to get up to see him off (he packs his own lunch too) but although he's not noisy, sometimes I can't sleep through his morning prep. Today was one of those mornings, so I got an early start, which isn't a bad thing. #2 was off early too. He and some basketball buddies are working out in the mornings with the cross-country team, a move recommended by their coach to keep them conditioned for the summer. It worked out well anyway, as he needed to be at the school at 10:00, but that is Zumba time! Zumba was fun, a couple different instructors helping out at this location. At 1:00, I dropped #3 off at the high school for his turn at camp, and picked up #2 and his buddies and dropped them at the local rec center. They bought passes for the summer. Then back for pickup, and then of course #2 wanted me to run him to hang with his friends. Mr. Social! I made dinner, but hubs had come home early exhausted and slept right through it. 
  • 0617 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 152.8. Calories in 1250. Fitbit Steps 19428. Total Burn 3228. Exercise burn 1522 (100minElliptical, 60minZumba, 1mileJog, 30minBike).  Got in my cardio today between running the boys to the basketball clinic. Didn't eat much. It was strange, as I ended the day and saw I was so low, yet I wasn't starving. That never happens to me! 
  • 0618 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 151.3. Calories in 2250. Fitbit Steps 24355. Total Burn 3021. Exercise burn 1323 (70minElliptical, 60minZumba). I was feeling a little more hungry after not eating much yesterday. Dropped #2 off at the school and hit the MZL Zumba. I haven't been to it lately, since Southziders started having a Wednesday class too. It was fun to go back, but it is so big. I do think I like Nina's better. After, I ran to Comcast to get the bill straightened out (still being charged for equipment I returned back in February). Hopefully that got it done. Feeling a bit run down today. Had a nasty foot cramp in the evening, and then a tummy cramp that just laid me low. 
  • 0619 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 151.4. Calories in 2300. Fitbit Steps 23289. Total Burn 2924. Exercise burn 1226 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba). Felt a bit better in the morning, but then was hit with cramps again. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it to class, but I did and felt fine. Hit Kmart afterward, and Big5, grabbing a badmitten set that I'd had my eye on. Took it a bit easy today. Last day of the basketball clinic, it will be nice not making four trips to the high school every day. 
  • 0620 (Friday) Good Day. Weight 151.3. Calories in 2300. Fitbit Steps 26180. Total Burn 3185. Exercise burn 1487 (60minElliptcal, 45minZumba, 60minZumba, 30minWeights). I'd heard about another local (free) Zumba class and I'd planned on checking it out, but the instructor contacted me saying she was ill. But then another class came up ... so I hit it, in addition to my regular Friday class too. Fun! Got in elliptical and some weights. #2 had me drop him off at the rec center early, and then pick him up in the afternoon, bringing home three friends and having two more come. We are a little out of the way, and so my son is usually hanging at the other boy's homes. It's good to have the experience hosting ... I'm not sure how the other families do it on a regular basis. I was pretty stressed having so many wild boys in the house (even though I adore all his friends, they are all good boys!) 
  • 0621 (Saturday) Bad Day. Weight 151.7. Calories in 3600. Fitbit Steps 20301. Total Burn 2818. Exercise burn 1118 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba). Planned on hitting the $2 drop-in Zumba class I'd gone to once before. The instructor is really good, but still almost all new routines and just too crowded. In the dark, so I can't check my HRM for feedback during the workout. Back at home, I've looked up a couple different possibilities I might try out in coming weeks. I stopped and grabbed some donuts on the way home. Why did I do that? One donut ... 600 calories. A pink cookie, another 600 calories. It wasn't a binge, other than eating the first donut all at once, I just picked and pieced and it added up during the day. Then we had a family party. It was pizza and chips and drinks and it was nothing that I liked, so I didn't eat anything, but was then starving and had a couple cupcakes and an ice cream cone. Holy moley calories when I added everything up. Decent exercise for a Saturday but it couldn't combat the calories! 
  • 0622 (Sunday) Ok Day. Weight 153.1. Calories in 2900. Fitbit Steps 23765. Total Burn 2974. Exercise burn 1266 (80minElliptical, 60minZumba). My Omron battery died on Friday, I replaced it and reset the stuff, but goofed the am/pm. I didn't even bother to wear it today as it still had steps on from yesterday. I noticed it but didn't get around to changing it. It is ready for tomorrow now. Got in some elliptical and even an hour of Zumba in the basement. Made breakfast and then off to church. I walked to/from. Not comfortable in my sandals, but saw a cute mama duck and her babies. HUbs finished of GOT today (I had watched it while working out earlier). Worked on a video, soccer highlights for the little one. I do tend to snack when sitting at the computer. High calorie intake again.  
  • 0623 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 154.7. Calories in 2500. Fitbit Steps 24893. Total Burn 3127. Exercise burn 1410 (80minElliptical, 60minZumba). Got up early to get #2 off to his basketball camp (needed to be at the school at 6:00). Got in some elliptical then hit Zumba. I drove off without my shoes, but luckily remembered before I was out of the neighborhood. There were chairs set up in the gym, so putting them away was the warm up. The kids have been pretty content to  hang at home, enjoying summer, but I had purchased a pass to Jump N Bouce (a local bounce house) and we hit that today. I could go play on the floor with the kids, I did ONE time many years ago, but you get burns from the rubber. It is a workout and so hot. Usually I just sit. We used to go with a friend and she and I would chat the whole time. That made it go faster. I tried to read and walk around a little (but someone needs to guard the valuables). The kids lasted for three hours! It felt like forever to me! I'm fine as long as I'm going, but when I have to stop and sit, the exhaustion hits. The hubs and I had talked about trying racquetball in the evening, but then he was hit with a dizzy spell (Meriere's Disease). Discouraging for him, as he's been eating right and exercising and that usually is helpful at keeping them at bay. It wasn't too bad an attack, he was feeling better by evening, but not up for r-ball. I had debated hitting an evening Zumba class, or getting in weights, but I didn't do either. Calories a little higher due to some snacking while waiting for kids at the bouncy place.
  • 0624 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 154.1. Calories in 1900. Fitbit Steps 30286. Total Burn 3398. Exercise burn 1693 (70minElliptical, 60minZumba, 1mileJog, 45minWeights). It was a lovely morning, Zumba was at the church by my house, so I walked over. Got good numbers. Just feeling so happy walking home. Love Zumba! The kidlets wanted to hit bowling today, so we did. I have my own shoes (a $20 investment I figured would pay off after a few visits) and the size 9 fit #3. We got free games with the KidsBowlFree program, so the day cost us just over $7 (three shoe rentals). The kids often want pizza&pop and arcade tokens, but I had told them we were going to BOWL, and I wasn't going to pay any extra (we'll do that one day this summer, but not today). It was fun. I ended my day with a spare to get an extra roll there at the end, and got a strike! Fun finish. Of course I still didn't break 100 (and yes, I had the bumpers up and used them a couple of times). As I didn't get weights in yesterday, I did them today. Did my mile jog before. It was one of those disjointed days, where I'd start doing one thing, then get distracted and start doing something else, only to get distracted again (let's clean the bathroom... while the toilet soaks I'll clean up the kitchen. I'd like some music, so I need to update the Ipod, while I'm on the computer maybe I'll set up a Facebook page for #3 so I can tag him in pictures ... oh yea, gotta get back to scrubbing the toilet!) I considered making dinner ... but hubs didn't get home until very late, out house hunting with his mom. I did a quick chicken alfredo for the kids, a chicken TV dinner for #4 (he thought it was awesome, I was just trying to clean out my freezer!). I'd put off making a run to the grocery store, so I headed out around 9:00 in the evening, just as hubby was coming in. Over 30K day, and kept calories in check. 
  • 0625 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 152.7. Calories in 1600. Fitbit Steps 26038. Total Burn 3137. Exercise Burn 1432 (70minElliptical, 60minZumba, Lawn Mow). Got a good start to the day at Zumba, where I hit a new high on the Fitbit, over 500 for the hour. Stopped at Kmart on the way home for my weekly spending of my FitStudio points. Got a $10 pair of shorts for #1 (for $3) and a pair for #2 (for under $2).  The kids wanted to hit Jump N Bounce again ... it's just not my favorite thing to sit and wait. #4 never lasts as long as the others either. It created some issues today. Got the lawn mowed. The lawn mower ran over something and spit it out at my leg, breaking the skin. Ouch. Stressing about this upcoming Lake Powell trip. Stay or go? The younger kids stay or go? I couldn't get to sleep at night, the stress was making me sick. Or it might have been TOM too ... :( 
  • 0626 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 151.1. Calories in 2200. Fitbit Steps 26760. Total Burn 3045. Exercise Burn (80minElliptical, 60minZumba, 12min/1mileJog, 30min/8.1milesBike). My Thursday Zumba class is taking July off, so this was the last week for a month. I have found another class to try, and I plan on trying on some soccer too! The little one had been invited to go to a waterpark with a friend. With him gone, we didn't go anywhere. The remaining couple kids just hung out and played games (got out Monopoly, Blokus and Operation). I got in some additional workouts. The hubs had a pinewood derby, #3 went to help. I was wanting to eat more in the evening ... I don't know if I was really hungry, or if I just wanted to. But with weigh-in tomorrow, I did control myself. "Yea me" ... (we've had "Suite Life of Zack and Cody" on).  
  • 0627 (Friday) Good Day. Weight 151.3. Calories in 1800. Fitbit Steps 25338. Total Burn 3064. Exercise Burn 1366 (60minElliptical, 120minZumba). Got up and hit a new Zumba class at 8:30. A newish instructor, I could tell. All the steps and such were new to me too. I was a little surprised I got as good a burn as I did (all the songs felt "slower") and I bet I could do better once I was more familiar with the steps. Not sure how often I'll try to hit it though. I went straight to my other Zumba class in Sandy. I was probably a little tired, didn't do quite as well as I had in the past. I stopped on the way home to get the waverunners registered for for the upcoming trip to Lake Powell. The kids wanted to go bowling, so we did. #2 headed home from his basketball camp, I picked him up around 7:30. The hubs was out late, as his company has a volleyball tournament, then one of his bosses took him to dinner. 
  • 0628 (Saturday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 151.6. Calories in 2600.  Fitbit Steps 23279. Total Burn 2932. Exercise burn 1233 (40minElliptical, 60minZumba). One of the local groups was offering a Saturday Zumba session. Started at 7:00, which is a little early for me on a Saturday, but I got up and hit it and was glad I did. Then some cleaning and shopping. There was a neighborhood social over at the park. Dinner and games, dunking tank. We went and it was fun, several neighbors who had moved away came back for this. Then the hubs grabbed a movie (American Hustle) and made popcorn ... mmmm, popcorn! 
  • 0629 (Sunday) Bad Day. Weight 152.2. Calories in 2600. Fitbit Steps 8944. Total Burn 2095. Exercise Burn 392 (40minElliptical). Started and ended the day with an elliptical session. Did our usual Sunday Circle breakfast, then we went down to American Fork for the missionary farewell of hubby's cousin. Over to the house afterward for food and visiting. The family is so large that we don't get together with EVERYONE very often anymore. It was fun to catch up. Huge, nice house! Home again, and a nap ... ahhh, slow Sunday. Rest day (even with my two elliptical sessions). Made tacos for dinner, which everyone likes but me. I'd already gone over calories for the day anyway. 
  • 0630 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 152.8. Calories in 2300. Fitbit Steps 29688. Total Burn 3477. Exercise burn 1771 (90minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30minBike). Got in a couple sessions on the elliptical before Zumba. Grabbed some groceries on the way home. Had a doctor appointment for #3 in the afternoon. Just a routine physical before scout camp. We stopped at the dollar store after, then grabbed #2 from the rec center on the way home. Busy prepping for Daddy and two of the boys to head out to Lake Powell tomorrow. Another trip to the store and lots of running around.

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