Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Crazy for Candy Corn

Everyone has temptations, right?
Especially when it comes to food!

As Fall rolls around, candy corn hits the store shelves. I suppose it is there somewhere year round,  but not quite as prevalent as in the weeks preceding Halloween. I have this cute glass pumpkin that we like to fill with candy corn as part of our holiday decor. But it's SUCH a temptation for me!

I LOVE candy corn. I'll ONLY eat the original though ... don't try to switch up the colors, or add flavors. Only the original will do. And while I can't seem to keep from grabbing handfuls of the stuff, if it was the mallow pumpkins? I won't touch them. I'm weird, I know!

Our local Sam's Club has had a big 4.5 pound bag of Brachs (I do prefer Brachs) candy corn for just over $7. I'm ashamed to admit to having gone through a couple of these bags already ... the kids have helped! It's not JUST me eating it all ...

Often candy corn disappears after Halloween, but I want to make sure I still have plenty on hand through Thanksgiving, as I make "Turkey Cookies" ...

I also have to start setting aside the malformed candy corns without the white tip. I use those for the beaks. Aren't they cute? And SO yummy too. Not low calorie at all. As much as I love candy corn alone, after they have been sitting on a sugar cookie overnight, they are even better! Not much protein in these turkeys! Here's a link to some of the other temping Tricky Treats I make this time of year. 

Do you like candy corn?

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