Friday, October 31, 2014

WWI#67 and Halloween Friday Five

Happy Halloween!
Celebrating this day of sugar over-indulgence 
with my lowest weigh-in yet!

 I'm far from an angel (especially when it comes to eating!) but I must be doing something right! After months and MONTHS of being STUCK between 150-155, the scale has finally shifted and seems to be staying there. This is week four under 150, and a nice little drop from last week.

The weekend wasn't great, but I still managed my lowest Monday weigh-in since I restarted this journey. I was really hoping that would bode will for my official weigh-in today, and it did. I think it motivated me to be extra good this week too. I enjoy exercise and activity, and I got a LOT in this week (elliptical and Zumba Mon-Friday, several sessions on the bike and treadmill, weights, walking instead of just watching during the boy's basketball games). I kept eating in check too.

NUMBERS: Down 2.5 pounds from last week. Average is down too (146.16, -.34 from last week). I managed to keep my average intake under 2000 ... just barely, at 1950. So close to hitting an average of 3000 on the activity. 2947, about the same as last week. Crunching the numbers, I had a total weekly deficit of 5764. That's great!  Last week I had a good deficit and didn't show a loss, but this week I got even more off a loss than the numbers would have indicated. TOM did wrap up over the weekend, I wonder if that plays a part.

My MFP ticker showed a new number.
I'm always excited when I see it shift ...
I'm very happy with the recent losses. 
Whether I stay here or loose a little more, I'm feeling good!

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On to the Friday Five .... Halloween Style!

Now I'm NOT really a fan of Halloween. But for many years, I've been the room mother at the boy's school, and one of the duties is to plan out the Halloween party. Usually several stations of games and activities that groups of kids rotate through. This year I wasn't in charge of anything, I just went in (to #4, Anxiety Child of course) and helped out, manning the "memory" game. 

I thought I'd share a few of MY favorites ...

  • Monster Toss: This could be adapted in many ways, simply trying to get a small item into a bucket. For the Halloween theme, I picked up these darling plush monsters, and a cute cauldron. The game is always a hit! Another option could be tossing candy corn into a plastic pumpkin.
  • Cup Crash: There are always oodles of themed party supplies. I picked up some plastic cups and a couple plush pumpkins. Stack the cups ... have the kids toss a pumpkin to knock them down. This one is always a favorite!
  • Make a Mummy: With rolls of toilet paper, each group of kids wraps up one of their members into a mummy. Take pictures, as it's always very fun to see!
  • Pass the Pumpkin: With another plush pumpkin, the kids sit in a circle. Play spooky Halloween music and the kids pass the pumpkin around. When the music stops, if you are holding the pumpkin, you must move to the dead spot (a designated position within the circle). If you are caught holding the pumpkin while in the dead spot, you are out.
  • Purchased Games: I picked up the Halloween edition of "Pictueka" several years ago, and we like it even better than the every day game. It's great for this type of play ... easy to pickup and for several kids to play. No real winner or loser, just a quick, fun activity.  I also found a "Twister" type mat with a Halloween theme, and a nice set of "Memory" cards. There is a little investment with these items, but I've used them year after year!

Halloween tonight! 
Don't eat TOO much candy!

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  1. congrats on a great week, Jen! Good job! Cute pics, too!

  2. Congratulations on your weigh in and weight loss drop! I just started using MyFitnessPal so hopefully it can help me track my eating as well because these pounds have to GO!!

  3. GIRL! I'm so happy for you! That's an awesome result. You're at my dream weight now. :)

    Love your devil look too ;)


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