Thursday, October 10, 2013

Take a Hike

Throwback Thursday today. Unfortunately these pictures are several years old (2008/2009). I don't have any recent hiking pictures. We haven't done much (ok, any) hiking the last few years. Both my weight and hubby's have fluctuated since these pictures. I still have those tan pants ... they were my "hiking" pants. Easy to move in, lots of pockets. I just jumped off the computer and tried them on. They do fit again, so that is good. 

 2008 was our "hiking summer" 
... hubby and I got out several times and tried out a variety of trails. 
One hike I think I drove hubby crazy.
I stopped to smell (and photograph) the flowers.

During a trip to St. George, we got in some hiking in the beautiful scenery there.
Love the red rocks.
And hiking in October!

We even got in a family hike!

... so many years ago though. I'm not sure why we haven't been hiking since. It would certainly be easier NOW than it was when the kids were smaller (whether we take them or go alone). Unfortunately we've pretty much missed the season at this point. It's COLD, and there's snow up in them there mountains. I'm putting it on the list for next summer ... time to take a hike!


  1. Love love the pictures. I am so ready for mind and body to be able to catch up with each other. I want to go exploring more places.


  2. In my part of the world, it's actually gotten cool enough to go on hikes. In fact, this time, as well as the next few weeks, are the best time to go because it's not blazing hot and the fall leaves are getting pretty. I should take my son and walk some trails. Thanks for the idea. And your pictures are very cute, by the way.

    1. Yes - depending on where you are it could still be hiking season. I remember the "red rock" hike was this late in the year. Of course I also remember we got hailed on that day too! I do love Fall and all the leaves changing colors. So pretty!

  3. Hi Jen, I'm not sure I said this before, but you have a beautiful/handsome family! For me, family is 90% of my joy in life. So this matters to me. :D

    1. Thank you, I think my boys (hubby included as one of my boys) are pretty great. They have grown so much since that family picture. They are my life :)


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