Monday, November 25, 2013

Hubby is on Board

Today's post features the hubby (this is us back in 2007)
I'm on the treadmill, he's on the bike.
We've since rearranged the gym (to add my elliptical)

For me ... after marriage I settled into a fairly sedentary lifestyle. Add pregnancies and family history and I just figured weight gain was inevitable. I didn't really even try to fight it. Then after the birth of our last baby, I lost the weight and added exercise every day. I never really mastered the eating, so in spite of the activity, the weight crept back on over the years. I did gain most of it back (about 50 pounds), but still felt more fit than I had been originally.  I feel like this time is really only my second time losing weight.

Hubby has had several cycles.
He's had his ups and downs as far as weight/fitness goes. 
Hubby and the two youngest (4 and 5)
Hubby said this picture was a wake up call (Spring 2008)

Hubby and the middle two kidlets (2 and 3)
I think the mustache makes him look even thinner! (Summer 2009) 

When the hubs is on, he is on!  When he makes the decision to eat healthy and exercise, he gets results. He's extremely motivated and has wonderful willpower.  But then there are times the healthy habits go out the window. If you look through our Family Photos, you can see some of the changes in him as well as in me. And he had a couple successful weight loss cycles prior to any of those photos too (I remember his first real one was when I was pregnant with #2 ... I thought it was so unfair that he was getting so fit and trim while I was "blossoming" in my pregnancy). 

When hubby is active ... he is active!
Some pictures from the last few years ...
 He has a road bike and participated in a couple of races, 
including a century (100miles)

 He ran a couple half marathons, 
and then finished a full!

He also enjoys trail riding.

We did a lot of hiking together one year (Take a Hike)
Then he did some harder hikes with friends.

... he got into climbing quite a bit too!

He always includes strength training as well.
(I showed you all the machines/weights we have in our home gym).

When Hubs is NOT in a healthy mindset, he can hit McDonalds every day, drink Redbull and inhale oreos ... he's a cookie monster!  When he focuses on health, he'll make his own cranberry/apple muffins, almond milk, overnight oatmeal, smoothies ... all sorts of "good for you" stuff and he actually enjoys it. 

When he's "fallen off the wagon" it's usually one of two things. Crazy work schedule or injury.  Back in 2005 he was quite active up until he ruptured his Achilles tendon. He has tweaked his back here and there, and had a bad case of sciatic pain this past winter. 

The hubs just recently changed jobs. We hope this new one will give him a little more free time and less mental stress. And with this change, the hubs in back on the health bandwagon. He signed up for MFP and has started to track calories and make better food choices. We've talked about getting him a Fitbit, but he's not totally sure he wants to wear one yet. I did set him up a Fitbit account, so our Aria scale can keep track of him.

He's easing back into exercise. During the week he gets up earlier than I do, but this weekend we both headed down to J&G's gym at the same time (so he had to use the stationary bike on Saturday, and I postponed my workout a bit on Sunday so I could use the elliptical after him ... and watch MY show).  

I'm betting he's going to pass me up on pounds lost in no time. But maybe this will be the little boost I need to get things moving a bit more myself. 

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  1. Jen, I'm so happy that your husband is into better health as well! It's got to be great for you and a great example for your sons, as well. His fitness activities are MOST impressive!!! He's a rock star!

  2. Good luck to your husband! My BF is naturally skinny, and I'm so jealous. He can eat whatever he wants and stay at the same healthy weight. I wish I could be like that.

  3. I love seeing transformations like this, awesome. Keep him motivated, and the right habits will form.


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