Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hubby Happenings

Several months ago, I did a post (The Hubs Is On Board) as hubby was going to try to get back into better eating and exercising. He's had his ups and downs these past many years. Whenever he has put his mind to it, he has had success.

This time ... it didn't happen.

A few weeks ago, hubby recommitted. I've noticed his change in eating habits lately. I've tried to be helpful (not tempting him with yummy treats, trying to have healthy foods around, trying to pack him a lunch with nutritious options). Clean eating has never been my strong suit, but the hubs doesn't have my issues and in the right frame of mind, he actually enjoys the good-for-you stuff.

He's been exercising regularly as well. Many mornings he'd beat me to the elliptical. Squeak, thump ... our elliptical is having some issues. One day, we both went down to the gym at the same time. I beat him to the elliptical, so he went to the stationary bike. After that, he pretty much decided he preferred the bike (although it has a squeak too). Once he got some workouts behind him, and was fairly sure he wouldn't have a heart attack if he pushed a little more ... he went for a jog. That's probably his preferred exercise activity. After a run on Sunday morning, he mentioned to me how running outside in the beautiful day made 30 minutes just whiz by. I know this is how the majority of people feel ... but I'm still just an indoor exerciser (away from weather, strangers and dogs).

It's been great having the hubs back in the groove. Although ... he is a SWEATY mess when he comes home. It's pretty standard to hear shrieking and screaming as he comes home and attempts to give me or one of the kids a big hug.  I turned the tables on him the other day ... he was laying in bed as I finished a workout and I came in a jumped on him, giving him a kiss. He was like "ummm, you're kind of sweaty" ... and let me tell you don't get nearly as sweaty as he does!

I had picked up a Fitbit Zip for hubby back in November. It didn't take. He'd forget to move it from his workout wear to his regular clothes, or vice versa. He lost it after just a couple of days (it did turn up a few days later). He didn't particularly like it, he told me "all this is telling me is that I'm NOT moving."  When it was determined that he wasn't going to be using it, #1 son adopted it ... and then lost it (for good this time). I am wondering if now that hubby is back in the groove, if he'd be inclined to try it again.

He does have a Garmin, which he wears for his runs. It's one of the nicer ones, with a HRM and we like the GPS tracking display on the computer, showing his route. He also tried Runkeeper for the first time, and seemed intrigued. He just placed an order for an armband. I actually like the thought of him having his phone with him on runs (and I can track him with the Find My Friend app). 

He bought some new insoles for his shoes too. I've never tried insoles myself. He picked up some new compression shirts, and the laundry has multiplied since he has started exercising again. He has apologized for all the extra laundry, but I've told him it is just fine! I am absolutely alright with doing more laundry for a happy and healthy hubby!

He's even mentioned hiking or racquetball again! It's been years since we did that together. He has invited me to go walking a couple times, but it's caught me off guard and I wasn't ready to drop and go (and to wear shoes).

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  1. That's so great that your hubby is getting back into fitness. Healthy living is such an awesome thing to share as a couple :) #wowlinkup

  2. How fun that your hubby is going to get back on track with you! Definitely makes things easier :)

  3. doing things together is always so much fun...happy for you :)

  4. Great job to your hubs!! Mine took a while to get on board too--I had to wait for him to be ready to do it for himself because "nagging" him did not work!

  5. That is great your husband is getting more active like you are. Hope you guys can get out and enjoy some hiking, the weather is getting better and better for it, and with the snow melting its a great time to be in the mountains!!!

  6. That is so nice he is getting back into fitness and you can work out together. My husband gets on my nerves and I choose not to work out with him. #wowlinkup

  7. I bought my hubby a Fitbit also. He really needs it in the winter because he is a summer activities guy. Congrats to your hubby on his new workout routine. Visiting from the #wowlinkup


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