Monday, June 23, 2014

Fitness Reward Updates

I've posted several times on my blog about reward programs that I have been participating in. I don't know that any of them actually motivate me to move more ... I'm going to be doing that anyway. But if I can get a little something back, besides better health, burned calories and feeling good, then hey, I'm all for it. I love it when companies recognize and reward people for their fitness. I've spotlighted all these programs before, and expounded on my experiences. I thought I'd offer an update on each of them, as I continue on with the various programs.
  • Achievemint: You can see my original review of the program here (Achievemint Update). Since that update, I had earned another $50 reward. My father earned his $50  around the same time, and I check on my oldest son's account (he had managed to earn enough points for a $25 reward prior to losing his Fitbit). All three were redeemed and requested in April. They say it can take 30-60 days to process the reward. It did take that long. I wrote an email inquiring about my reward and received a reply that it was coming, they were having some struggles with the company funding them. But I did receive mine, my dad got his and my son got his. I did have to contact customer service again recently, as my Facebook and Instagram activities weren't registering. It really doesn't make that much difference, as I believe there is a daily cap (250 points) and I usually hit that with my Fitbit and MFP.  In my original review, I had only connected with my Fitbit, but now I have multiple apps hooked up. I DID roll over one time (changing from the original $25 reward to a $50 one) and it appears once you do that, you do NOT have the option to go back to $25, but automatically start going for $50 again (I was offered a tiny incentive to roll over to $100, but it wasn't enough to entice me).
  • FitStudio (ShopYourWayRewards/Kmart&Sears):I did a pretty thorough blog post about this program (Fitstudio Fitness Rewards) and have really been liking and using these rewards! There have been some frustrations here and there (the fine print in using the reward points and other surprise points or coupons ... sometimes they can be combined, other times they can't). I'll spend a little time logging on to sign up for challenges or goals, approving friend requests, etc. Little things like that will earn you more points.  I've shopped online and then just picked up my order in the store (everything works quite well online, easy and simple to see your points being used).  I've generally just been making a weekly trip into the store to spend my points. ** Update - This program was discontinued 02/2016 (Farewell Fitstudio).
  • Everymove:  When I originally posted about Everymove and did my  Everymove Update, I mentioned some nice rewards I'd received, and the donation to Make-a-Wish when there wasn't anything that interested me. Well ... lately the rewards have gone downhill in my opinion. Just discounts in disguise. The Make-a-Wish is sometimes still there, but has dropped to $1. It's been more of  a hassle than it's worth keeping up here. Sometimes after I earn my reward, it signs me up for some random one that I end up "earning" before I change it. I don't even bother to redeem when that happens. I earn "active days" where I can share 5 points with friends ... but I rarely get around to doing it. ** Update ... this program still exists, but doesn't offer rewards.
  • Earndit: I totally forget about Earndit most of the time. I reviewed it pretty recently (My Earndit Experience) and nothing has really changed since then. I suppose I should log in and see if there are some charitable donations I can contribute to ... ** Update - this program has ended.
  • PACT: I started Pact in January, and did a review a bit ago (Pact and Paydays). I have debated joining the Veggie Pact portion, but have decided against it. I think I'm really only comfortable with Fitbit and MFP and their automatic sync. I really don't do anything other than what I would usually do (getting in 10k a day in steps, and eating at least 1200 calories spread over three meals, recorded in My Fitness Pal). I haven't had any problems with things not getting recorded. I've never had to pay anything, and although the payout isn't big, it adds up week to week (I've earned about $60 total since I started). I had no trouble transferring my funds out when I wanted to.
  • Walgreens: When I first started with my Walgreens Rewards, I would check in pretty often. I ended up shopping at the store more and trying to augment my walking points with some purchase points. Lately ... I haven't checked into it much lately. I just peeked, and I have $10 in credit waiting for me there. It adds up pretty slowing, especially compared to the Fitstudio program (but at least it doesn't expire quickly, and you can let it sit and build up). You can check out my original blog post about the program here (Walking with Walgreens).
As I said ... these programs don't really motivate me to move, but they do reward me for it! I have a Fitbit. I simply link it to these programs and then all my information is transferred automatically, with no further work on my part. I like to say my Fitbit has more than paid for itself! If you don't have a Fifbit, many of these programs accept other trackers, and some ever accept manual entries (if that is worth the work for the reward). Give these programs a peek and see if you can earn a little kickback for your fitness! 

What programs have you been working with lately? 
What motivates you? 
Link up below with Motivation Monday!

Just a quick weekend recap for MIMM ... it was NOT a good weekend for eating. After my good weigh-in on Friday, I'm UP this Monday morning. Not really surprising. A family party and dastardly donuts contributed to that. Here's a glimpse into some of the weekend happenings.

A big boy dogpile with cousins and an uncle
(I was a moment late with my camera and it came tumbling down)

I was surprised I caught this shot, #1 taking #2 down.  I knew it was going to happen at some point, so I had #2 take off his Fitbit to show his uncle, and #1 took that as tacit permission to throw his brother in the pool. Poor #2 wasn't happy with #1 OR me!

I do try to walk to church, weather permitting. It was a little warm, and my sandals were less than comfortable. But it made me happy when I saw a mama duck and her babies swimming in the canal (we see ducks there often, but this was the first time this year I'd caught a glimpse of the babies). The boys in the car with Daddy missed out!


  1. I am waiting for my first check from achievemint (and currently earning toward my next check). FitStudio is awesome. Free money just being thrown at me. (and it seems like the more I use it the more surprise points they throw at me...10 bucks yes I had 18 bucks knocked off of my bill yesterday!).

    Everymove....I just send mine to charity as I've never been happy with their reward options.

    But thank you for finding this programs for us!!!!!! I for one am using them!

    1. I'm really enjoying the FitStudio ... I never shopped at Kmart much, but now I go once a week. Yes, there do seem to be some additional good offers if you pay attention to the surprise points and the "coupons" you can add to your account. Glad you've found the programs useful, and I hope you get your Achievemint $$ soon! :)

  2. I use GymPact, and I feel the same way: it doesn't necessarily encourage me to move more, but I like getting something back for activities I would be doing anyway.

  3. I am going to have to come back to this post. I don't have a fitbit, but I wonder if there are other ways to record it. You may have said that in your post and I missed it. Thanks for telling us about all the programs.

    1. Some of the programs allow manual entries (just a little more work on your part). I believe FitStudio does!

  4. Earndit has moved to, where you can still earn points and rewards.


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