Monday, June 16, 2014

Flag Day, Father's Day, Fitbits and Family Photos

This past weekend was filled with fun, family, flags, fathers, Fitbits and photos.
And obviously, I adore alliteration.

Friday ... I was still able to get in some good exercise, but kept up fairly competitively with my calorie consumption. I was a little surprised when Saturday morning, my weight was actually down a bit. 

Saturday ... the boys had to be up early to help put out flags. It's something the scout troop in our neighborhood does. Both a fundraiser, and it is nice for community pride. I do love seeing all the flags out in front of everyone's houses. In years past, we'd pick up the "flag shirts" from Old Navy and take some family photos, but the tradition had slipped in past years. I was a little surprised when my oldest said "We should get flag shirts for everyone this year" ... I gave him the go ahead and he went to the store to pick some up.

I told the boys I wanted to get a photo of the five of them. I was met with the usual moans and groans. I teasingly said that the last one out would need to unload the dishwasher ... thus the tears from #4. #3 can't seem to stay serious either. I even slipped on MY flag shirt ... but the hubs didn't seem too interested in participating!

The hubs then suggested we go out to breakfast. This is always a bit hard for me ... I hadn't gotten my morning workout in yet, and I usually put off breakfast until later in the morning. But ... family first. We went to our usual spot, Verg's. We didn't get a family photo there (but I have showcased a couple comparison pictures from our past visits. Too bad we didn't get a new one to add to the mix).

I did end up getting an hour on the elliptical (three 20min sessions throughout the day) ... a soccer game, a basketball game, and a birthday party too.  I was surprised on Sunday morning, when again, weight dropped a tad. 

Sunday ... the hubs said breakfast yesterday was his Father's Day breakfast, so we didn't do the breakfast in bed as we do some years. He went for a run instead. I did squeeze in a couple sessions on the elliptical. We had church, and then headed out to my brother's house for the annual Father's Day BBQ.

We got to meet our new little niece.
My oldest LOVES babies and loved cuddling his little cousin.

We take a big family photo every year. I'm waiting for my SIL to forward me the shot (and I'll update) but I also suggested we get a picture with DAD and my siblings. While we do the family photo every year, I don't know that we've ever done that.  As my brothers, sister and I lined up with my father, the photographers lined up on the other side. My hubby of course has to strike a pose, making everyone crack up. Then, he wants to include himself in the picture by taking a selfie. I don't know that we've ever had quite as much laughter during one of these family photo sessions.

There was quite a bit of "Fitbit" talk too ... comparing stats and experiences.  I should have taken a Fitbit Family Photo! There were nine Fitbits here. My son is back in business (I'd posted last week that he had lost it ... Fitbit replaced it and we received the new one already). I've also bid on a Zip on Ebay (got it for $28), so #1 son will be trying AGAIN (wish him luck NOT to lose this one!) Still working on hubby ... I'd love him to have one (I bought him one last November but it didn't really take ... it's the one #1 then lost during the NewYork trip). Now that he is running again, and being more active (his work had a volleyball tournament on Friday) it would just be fun to see! He did admit to hoping he would get a Fitbit weightloss "badge" for his Saturday weigh-in ... and he did ("Congratulations, you lost 15 pounds!"). He's doing good!

One final Father's Day photo.
My boys!

So that was my marvelous weekend (MIMM). Stepping on the scale this morning. There is it. The weight gain from my bad eating and exercise over these past couple days. I guess it is good ... motivates me to get back at it. So many pictures this weekend. I've mentioned before, how I so dislike how I appear in pictures most of the time (Picture Imperfect). These family photos are no exception. I don't love myself in them ... but I love them!

How was your weekend?
Are you motivated to get back to good eating and exercise?


  1. Congratulations on your new little niece...that's so exciting!

  2. I just love your posts and watching your family:) I also just love how you manage to always get exercise in regardless. You Rock!!!


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