Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blister on the Mister

The hubs was laying on the bed, reading on his ipad as I walked by ... and I couldn't help but notice something on his foot.  A BIG ol' blister! I mentioned that the hubs was getting back into working out and eating better. He went for a run Sunday morning.

 That's when he got THIS ... Ouch!
This was not his first run since he's started working out, but it was the first time in a particular pair of shoes. I think he won't be wearing those for a long run (5+miles) for a while. Until he makes some adjustments (he's worn them in the past without problems). You hear the stories of guys being big babies when it comes to sickness and pain. Not the case with MY guy. He hadn't even mentioned this to me. He even had his phone with him (using the Runkeeper app) ... I told him he should have called me to bring him out a different set of shoes when he felt it starting to rub. I've done that on the treadmill before ... stopped and swapped shoes when one pair wasn't working. Just another benefit of the treadmill for me :)

I posted about MY blister (here) a while back ... but I think this one wins! I generally don't have too many issues, as I don't wear shoes for the majority of my workouts (Fuzzy Feet), and I will shift shoes if I feel a problem.

Blisters ... see, shoes are evil!

Speaking of shoes ... I've picked up some slip-ons for summer for the boys. They took them off when we went to the in-laws house on Sunday and I thought it was funny they had all (well, four of the five) happened to wear their "twinner" shoes that night.

The blister isn't as bad as some of the foot issues we've had to deal with (Agony of De-Feet), and the hubs DID go running again this morning ... tough guy!

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  1. Ouch, well now he has a battle wound to show off for his new hobbie:) He may already know this, a little mole skin, double layer it with a hole cut for the blister for the first layer, and 2nd layer a top over it all. He won't even know it's there and will be able to run want do anything he wants with zero pain and won't have to worry about it getting worse:)


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