Friday, June 20, 2014

WWI #49 & Five "Slow" Songs (160 BPM)

It's Friday. Time for the weekly weigh-in and Friday Five.

I've mentioned before ... I can't run very far or very fast. I get in a ton of steps everyday on my Fitbit from other activities (elliptical, Zumba, even the stationary bike).  I do try to get some "running" in but, I don't run, I jog (and I still generally keep it to one mile).  I find motivation in music, and the OCD in me MUST match my footfalls to the beat of the music. I've found that 160 BPM is my comfortable pace (it's 5mph on my treadmill) and I've been collecting a big playlist of perfect songs, and sharing some of them here.

I shared my Favorites, Top 20, Pissed Off Playlist, in the past weeks,  and today I'm sharing my "Seemingly Slow" playlist. These songs don't come off as "jogging" songs. They would be a "slow" song if played at a dance, or a cool down for most aerobic activities. Yet ... the beat is there. When I set my treadmill to 5mph, my feet fall perfectly with the pace and the beat.  I don't know that I would listen to all of these back to back, I do like a little more lively songs to energize me, but I really enjoy when one of these comes on interspersed with my other music. Just thought I'd point these five songs out, as they are ones that can easily be missed when compiling a jogging playlist *Ü*

You can give them a listen below 
(although they are all pretty mainstream)
Seemingly Slow by Jennifer Blackham on Grooveshark
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Now onto the weigh-in and week recap ...
So - DOWN 2.2 pounds! Now, before you are all "great job, congratulations" ... unfortunately this is a pretty normal fluctuation for me.  I have been hitting it pretty regularly, just the past couple weeks, my Friday morning happened to be my highest number, while today it was my low. The goal is still to drop below 150 and STAY below 150. I'm close ... but close can feel so far. 

NUMBERS: My average was also down, but much more minor a change (-.24). High for the week was 154.4 (Monday morning) and the low was today and Wednesday (Thursday was pretty much the same too).  I did have a weekly deficit of 2043. My intake was up a little, averaging 2329. I did have a really low day, so I must have had some high days too. Burn up slightly too, 3039. Happy to actually get the average up over 3000, it's been a while (I have many days over it, but usually a couple low days that drag the weekly average down). 

It was a busy week. The boys had a basketball clinic, which meant I was running to the high school four times a day. Got in my Zumba every day. Elliptical too. My "mile" and bike were a little more sporadic. I got in weights twice (last Friday and on Monday) ... not sure I'll get them in today though. It's a bit crazy here.

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  1. summers can be such a mix of lazy and crazy busy times! props to you for the good week!


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