Friday, June 13, 2014

WWI#48 and Five Favorite Card Games

 ... and it's Friday. Time for the weekly weigh-in and Friday Five. Up until this point, I've always started with the weight chart and recap, but it's been SO boring lately. I'm going to start with the fun Friday Five, and then include my numbers and such below if you are interested...

It's now summer! School is out and the kids have a lot more free time. There is the stereotypical tv time and video games. Legos, basketball, soccer, tetherball, wallball, ping pong, jumping on the tramp, water wars. We've signed up for the Kids Bowl Free, we'll try to hit the local park, Grandma's pool, and the bounce house.  I've also encouraged the kids to play games. 

We've got a lot of games.
For today's Friday Five, I thought I'd spotlight our five favorite card games. I really love card games, because they generally are very small, easy to store and transport. You don't need a lot of time or space or preparation to play. Personally, MY favorite is probably "Progressive Rummy" which just uses a regular deck of cards (two or three actually, when we play) but for this post, I'll feature the five favorites for the kids.

  • UNO: This one is a classic, and I'm sure already well known to just about everyone. Such a great little game, easy for even the youngest child to participate in. If you know your numbers and colors, you can play! There are a ton of variations to mix it up as well.
  • Rat-A-Tat Cat: My mom said she had played this game before with basic playing cards, and it was called "No Peeky". You start with four cards face down in front of each person, the goal is to get the lowest cards. 
  • Blink: This is SUCH a great little game! I love the version pictured, that comes in the compact little metal tin. It makes it great for taking with you. The name "blink" is quite appropriate, because you'd better NOT blink, or the round will be over. It's very fast moving and fun. Match the shape, color or number to get rid of your cards.  Similar games are Catch The Match and Spot It ... both of which I recommend very highly as well! Blink is really only for two people, but the other two can have additional players.
  • SET: This game is a little complex. I find rather than try and "teach" someone how to play, it's probably better they watch a few rounds and they are bound to pick up the patterns you are trying to find in the cards. This one can be mind-boggling. It's great for a group and really stretches your thinking!
  • The Great Dalmuti: My boys were introduced to this a couple summers ago, and it was an instant favorite. It's already been played multiple times this summer. You are trying to get rid of your cards and become the Great Dalmuti ... you do NOT want to be the peon!
Have you played any of these games?
What are YOUR favorite card games?

I'll spotlight some favorite board games in an upcoming post :)

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  Onto the weekly weigh-in ...
Looky there ... exactly the same as last week. Average was up a tiny bit (.29). The high was today, 153.5. The low was Sunday morning at 151.7.  So a variation of 1.8 throughout the entire week.  Like last week, I DID have a deficit! 3708 total ... but no corresponding one pound loss on the scale. Average intake was 2171. Average burn was 2996. 

For the first week of summer ... it hasn't been too different. My boys are just relishing being home, not in school. They haven't been "bored" and wanting to go out and do things yet. I'm sure that time will come and it will eat into my exercise time, but I'll make it work. I HAVE been sleeping in a little, getting a later start most days. Still hitting Zumba, although I had to miss today, as #2 had basketball games. Getting in my elliptical every day, a little more sporadic with the mile jog and bike rides.You can check out the details in my Day to Day.

Next week might be a little crazy, with #2 and #3 in a basketball camp. There will be a lot of dropping off and picking up. #1 has started a job and isn't around to pitch in with any of the driving. The week after that though, #2 will be gone to a week long basketball camp and THAT should open up my time (as he's the main one requesting chauffeur duty).  But by then, the younger ones might be clamoring to get out of the house. We'll see ...

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  1. Used to love playing all of those games with my kids but sadly they are too old to want to play anymore. Teens are just on their ipads all day huh? Confessions of A Mother Runner

    1. I've got three teens (and two younger ones) and they DO spend a lot of time on ipads/ipods/iphones but they still come play, and even initiate it (especially my 18-year old ... my 15-year old is usually off with friends, and I've told him he should take a couple of these games and introduce them to his buddies). We try to have a "Games with Grandparents" every month or so too ... :)

  2. I may have to look for some of those for our trip to Ireland. I'm going to have to work hard to keep the 8 year old entertained...

    1. I'd recommend Blink, Catch the Match and Spot It ... they are all similar, but different enough to be enjoyed. All small and portable. I have an 8-year old too, and he can trounce me at these "find the match" games!

  3. Card games are the best.They're cheap and you can take them everywhere you go. I'm a fan of Uno!


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