Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Library Love ♥

I've been an avid reader since I was a little girl. But I love my local library even more now as an adult. What does my local library have to do with fitness? Why am I bringing it up here on my blog? There are so many things that a good library offers that I'm not sure everyone is aware of ...
  • Books: I think everyone knows libraries carry books. Whether it's novels (I read while working out on my stationary bike... Riding and Reading) or non-fiction (health and exercise or other interests), my library has a huge selection. I am a convert to digital reading.  Most libraries have adapted to the times. I can hold, download, read and return books without even stepping foot in the actual building.
  • Magazines: My library has subscriptions to almost every magazine ... including all the health and fitness ones. Personally, I subscribe to many of them (Mucho Magazines), but when my subscriptions have lapsed, I've turned to the library to catch up on anything I might have missed. Like books, many magazines are also available in digital format too.
  • Music: Many libraries all across the country participate in a music download service called "Freegal" ... it's a completely legal music offering sponsored by the library service. You can download and keep three songs a week. While not every song is available, there have been many top 10 songs I've been able to snag from my library instead of having to purchase myself. I've added many a workout song to my playlists this way. Of course there are still plenty of CDs to check out and try too ...
  • DVDs: Libraries carry a wide range of DVDs. I use the service to grab TV programs to keep me entertained while I workout (TV Time = Exercise Time). I'm content to wait on shows, then watch all the episodes back to back. No waiting between weeks, or commercial breaks (I like subtitles too). There are health and fitness finds too. I'm pretty picky with fitness workouts. I really like to borrow and try before I commit and buy. In my last trip to the library, I grabbed a few workouts...
Another great thing about my library, is that I can look at the catalog online, and request something from ANY of the libraries it is associated with. I can request books or DVDs be transferred to my branch, and held there. I just go in and pick them up. Now I realize, that not every library offers everything MY library does ... but if you haven't checked out YOUR local library lately, you might be surprised at what is available for you!  That's my tip and trick offer for today *Ü* Linking up with Kristen and Lisa and their Tuesday Tips!


  1. I love the library! It's an amazing way to try new DVD, books, audio etc without spending money. I haven't checked out their workout videos lately but great reminder :)

    1. When I'm watching a movie or TV program, I only want to watch it once (not own it) so the library is such a great option! A good workout video I will probably want to own, but I'm so picky, it's nice to try before I buy.

  2. Love this post! Not just because I work at a library, but I actually use every single thing you mentioned and them some:)
    Another cool thing libraries do, is offer magazines online so if you can't go in to get it, you can view the entire thing online as well.
    As well as downloading the free songs off freegal each week, most libraries now allow you to download up to 10 DVD's each month. Which is pretty cool, even if they aren't the top ones:)

    1. I need to look into the other digital offerings more. I do know there are some of the magazines available that way, and some movies/tv. In addition to Freegal, our library has "Hoopla" which I haven't really explored yet ...

  3. I love the library too! We don't buy DVDs or go to the movies. We're always waiting for Netflix or the library to watch anything. When I'm between programs I check out their workout DVD collection.


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