Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Snack Bags & Amazon Prime

We just celebrated Mother's Day. A few years ago, hubby got me a great Mother's Day gift ... an Amazon Prime subscription. We've loved having the two-day shipping, although two days is still WAY to long to wait when my boys (hubby included) are anxiously awaiting an item. Can you say impatient? *Ü*

There has been a little bit in the press last month about Amazon raising the rates for Prime. For me ... it's just something I'll have to deal with because I'm not giving up my prime. In addition to the shipping, I can borrow a book from the Kindle lending library each month (I'm currently reading "The Frost Chronicles" ... read book one in April, book two in May, and as soon as June hits I'll be reading book 3). I do like all the movies and tv shows available to stream through Amazon Prime too. In a previous post (Amazon and Exercise) I pointed out all the workouts available (Jillian, Denise Austin and more).

I love Amazon ... it's great for reviews, and the prices are often the best (not always, but often. It's still good to shop around!)  I've been impressed with Amazon's customer service and return policy.

I'm not even an Amazon affiliate, I just like them.

I thought out point out a deal I found on snack bags.

I don't know about you, but we go through a TON of these little bags. They are the perfect size for so many things. I have five boys in school and I'm packing lunches from home almost every morning. Their sandwich goes in one, pre-sliced apples in another, some pretzels and then a snack in a couple more. x5.   These little bags are great for portion control too, or pre-packing serving sizes you can just grab and go. 

I remember grabbing a pack of 50 snack bags at the dollar store and thinking that was a decent deal. It actually is, as they are often $2 in most stores. On Amazon, in this multi-pack, it comes out to just over $2 for more than double that (for 120 bags). The current price for this pack is $8.30, I know it can change at any time but I've been watching and buying these for a while now and it seems to stay pretty consistent.

***UPDATE*** the price has gone up to over $20! Yikes! It WAS a good deal! I have found a similar package at Sam'sClub for a comparable price - but things are always changing there too!

These don't automatically ship free with Prime, they are part of the "add-on" program, so the shipping will be free with a $25 prime purchase, or free with a $35 non-prime.

So if you need some snack bags, just for kid's lunches, or for your own pre-packaging ... I hope this deal might help you out!

Are you an Amazon shopper?


  1. I love Prime--the two day shipping does it for me!! Especially around Christmas time since all of our family is in Louisiana--it saves me from having to ship gifts!!

  2. I order from Amazon all the time, maybe I really should look into the Prime membership. Don't know why, but I keep hitting the "maybe later" button when it asks me to join at checkout. But after reading this, maybe I am paying way more for shipping than I should be!


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