Thursday, January 29, 2015


Apples to Apples.
My son LOVES that game!
Personally, I know better than to try and compare myself to others. There are so many variables at play. But I DO compare me to myself. One workout to another. Various estimates on different devices. How I do and feel day to day. I'm a bit of a numbers nerd. I collect and compare my stats, steps, calorie counts, weight ... almost anything I can assign a number to.

Looking back on the past few days, 
my workouts and numbers have been quite similar.




Each day in the morning, I had an hour of Zumba. I also had some small sessions on the elliptical throughout the days (10-20 minutes at a time. 40 minutes on Monday, and hour on Tues/Wed). All three days I spent 37 minutes reading while riding the stationary bike (10miles).

I felt really good about Mon and Wednesday, 
but felt like Tuesday was an off day. Why?

So much of it is perception. Expectation also. Tuesdays are normally really good days for me (often 30k in steps).  I started out strong, hitting my 10x10 and then ... I had some lazy hours. Also, after really keeping calories controlled on Monday, I caved to cravings and went way overboard. In the evening during my little guy's basketball practice, I usually walk while I wait, getting in 5000 or more steps. I did do some walking, but I just wasn't feeling up to it. I'd worn bad shoes, my other son who had come along too decided he didn't want to shoot and took my ipad mini that I'd been reading while I walked. Even in non-exercise attitudes, I just felt better about Monday and Wednesday (getting more "mommy" stuff done).

Another little "perception" ... if you notice on the graphs above, on Mon/Wed, the vertical axis extends to 3,000. On Tuesday, I didn't quite get enough steps in a 15min period of time to warrant that little graph increase. That actually affects me mentally! It just throws off the graph perspective. I really try to make sure I have ONE workout in the day that pushes the graph axis up, and on Tuesday I just didn't make it.

I was just thinking back on this past week, finding it ironic how I had some good days, and a bad day, when the numbers were so similar. Well ... the eating calories weren't similar on those day. I know the eating is where it's at more than the exercise. I wish I could get as much control and routine in my food as I do my fitness. It's a constant challenge!  Just thinking out loud ... and linking up late with Workout Wednesday.


  1. Wow JEN you are getting in those steps. My goal is 12K steps a day. I make it and sometimes I don't. Kudos to YOU and your numbers. #wowlinkup

  2. Great job on your step goals. I absolutely love my fitbit, my sisters and I have been involved in some heavy competition in them recently. They seriously show no mercy and will be up at midnight to make sure they beat me, LOL I've caught on, so next week, things will be different!
    I try not to pay attention to the graph part myself, I go off mileage and steps. But I too struggle to make sure my diet matches what I am doing physically. I have way too many misses instead of hits each week on that side. I need that to change too!

    1. I LOVE the graphs (must get my green spikes throughout the day). I do note the steps, but I really don't pay any attention to the distance/mileage. We do have a bit of a competition going with the family, it's fun! The food though ... not sure I'll ever master that!

  3. great numbers. I have been trying to take more steps each day but sometimes it is just so hard when you have a desk job :) #wowlinkup

  4. Do you take days off? I see that you really love your Fit Bit. I bought one for my hubby but he lost it. #wowlinkup


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