Thursday, January 15, 2015

Loads of Laundry

Laundry ... it's never ending, right?
And when you are an avid exerciser, it adds up even faster!

The hubs goes through spurts ... being very active and eating healthy to, well, not doing that so much. I remember one of the "on" times a while back, he actually apologized for the extra laundry his workouts were adding. Of course I told him not to worry about it. I was happy he was being healthy. This go round, he's been doing his own laundry. I asked him if this was out of guilt, or just necessity (only having a couple pieces of workout wear, and needing them washed immediately so he could wear them again the next day. He could buy more, but he's hoping to not be this size for very long). It was the latter. #2, my basketball boy is in the same boat. He has a practice jersey that he wears every day, so he generally runs a small load for it as well. 

Our washer stays busy! With these two small loads, in addition to those I do to keep the house running. I pretty much do a load of laundry every single day. I do divide some things into whites and darks. I also have a basket for linens, and wash those together. For the five boys ... they each have their own individual dirty clothes hamper and I just wash all their things together (unless it is something that specifically needs to go in the white/dark loads). This is mainly just to save time when putting things away. It's a little hard to tell which shirts/shorts/socks go to which kid when sorting, so I just keep them all separate. 

So ... if you have loads of laundry each week, would you rather do ONE load of laundry every day or spend ONE day doing it all? I do the former. Here are some random thoughts  I've had about laundry lately ... 
  • Why are there dozens of socks, shorts and shirts, and only two pairs of underwear?
  • I love the smell of bleach. It just smells clean.
  • Well that shirt shrunk! (Luckily with five boys, I can just move it down a closet).
  • I love that my older boys do their own laundry.
  • Now #3's white shirt is pink.
  • Got to lotion up ... folding clothes (especially towels) strips the moisture from my hands!
  • While I don't love doing laundry, NOT BEING ABLE to do laundry (broken washer/dryer) is much, MUCH worse!
  • I like the Pinterest tip on making my own dry laundry soap!
  • When it's cold outside, I really don't mind folding the clothes right out of the dryer.
  • The dryer is done but I'm too busy to fold right now ... I'll just run it again a bit later. Then again. Then again.
  • Turn the buzzer off on the dryer, it's too noisy.
  • What is  that clanging around the dryer? Hope it's not a Fitbit!
  • Oops ... washed and dried a pen. I hope the black marks are baked on the dryer walls and don't come off on other clothes.
  • Why must the boys live out of their laundry basket? Put the clothes away please. And return the laundry basket, I need it.
  • Does this really need to be air dried? The dryer is so much easier! 
  • Whoever designed this dryer and put the lint trap on the top should be shot!
  • Throw the couple "extra/alone" socks in the "solitary sock box" ... I'll go through it at some point and find some matches.
I actually don't mind doing laundry. I prefer it over other cleaning duties (dishes, cleaning bathrooms, mopping, etc). While the older boys generally do their own loads, I usually still fold them. Even though I see them in their clothes, it's always a time for me to really look, and see which ones they are wearing, which are the favorites, remind myself of their sizes. I enjoy the orderly piles, the matched up socks, the folded shirts. When the boys were little, I'd then have to put everything away too, but they are all big enough now. For the upstairs boys (#1, #4 and #5) I lay them out on their beds, so they really have no choice but to put the clean clothes away. The downstairs boys (#3 and #4) I fold upstairs and place them in a laundry basket. These almost never get put away, the boys just pick out of the baskets. It drives me crazy!

I'll leave you with five funnies ...


We don't think about laundry that much, we just do it.
What are some of your random thoughts?
Do any match mine?
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  1. I do laundry one day a week - every once in awhile I have to run a load mid week to wash a band shirt or cross country uniform or something but for the most part Sunday is laundry day:)


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