Tuesday, January 6, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday - Catching Up

My home gym.
The TV center stage in front of my elliptical and treadmill.

Last week I went down to my home gym to jump on the elliptical and ... the television didn't turn on. OH NO! Whatever would I do? TV is my entertainment during exercise. My motivation to move. On the stationary bike I can use an Ipad to read or watch something, but my neck doesn't like looking down while I'm on the elliptical or treadmill. I could listen to music but ... I want to watch my shows!

Luckily, after I fiddled with things, turning everything off and on again, checking cords ... I did find one that had come unplugged. So I was back in business.

I've been doing a TV Talk Tuesday here on the blog for a little bit (the first Tuesday of each month). What I'm watching really does play a big part in my exercise program. It's interesting for me to look back at the year (as one is wont to do as the year ends) and remember what kept me entertained while I ellipticalled, which TV series I watched entirely while on the treadmill.

I only watch a few recent programs ...

I'd gotten a late start, not realizing many of these shows had started. But as they wrapped up their "winter finales" I got caught up on everything I'm keeping up with currently. Grey's Anatomy, The Good Wife and The Walking Dead were watched the very next morning. I just barely got caught up on Nashville and Scandal. I have one more Modern Family episode waiting for me (sometimes I like a little comedy  to balance out all the drama *Ü*)

Even if I only get in 40min on the elliptical a day (I've been trying for a solid hour, plus some treadmill time) current shows alone aren't enough to keep my occupied, so I started something new as well.

There were only eight episodes, and the remainder of the season won't return until April. I've read the books (1-4 anyway) so I'm not really waiting with bated breath. No big surprises ...

I've been watching all these shows using PlayOn/PlayLater ... I can record them where they are posted online, then stream them to my gym television via my Roku box. It's great. I'm LOVING the new "ad skip" feature, and I love that ABC includes captions on their programming (which is a necessity when on the treadmill. You can see I'm predominantly an ABC gal).

I'll keep current with my favorites when they return, and I have PLENTY in my Netflix queue and Amazon Prime watchlist to watch too. I'll occasionally add in some movies, but I haven't watched one down in the gym recently. I just haven't been much in a movie mood. The hubs and did go see "Guardians of the Galaxy" in the theater (just sitting and eating popcorn) and then we watched "Catching Fire" and "Life of Pi" at home (snuggled in bed and eating popcorn).  See, even I something just stop and watch.

That's what I've been watching this last month.

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