Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday ... Back at It

Monday ... back to the routine!
I started the day with Zumba, but I forgot my hat!

No hat means sweaty, straight bangs in my eyes. I need to remember my hat! But happily my HRM was working today and I got good stats!  535 calories, "in zone" 54 of the 69 minutes and an average heart rate of 135. Fitbit sait 541 calories and 8035 steps. 

I always really like getting back to the routine on Monday. I had an absolutely lazy day yesterday! I didn't even hit 6000 steps for the whole day. I did pretty good on Saturday though, hitting 20k. Better than Friday, when I only hit 17k (I blame TOM).  

My weight went up slightly after my weigh-in on Friday, but then it's stayed exactly the same for Sat/Sun and this morning (154.1). Usually I have a bit more of an "up" on Monday mornings.  

Hubs got home from his trip to Las Vegas late Thursday.
It's good to have him home.
He had done pretty well there he thought. Controlled calories (and tracked with MFP) even with all the temptations. He started each day with a jog through the city. He really kept up with me on the steps. He had a Fitbit Funny when his Fitbit reset at midnight mountain time (and he still had an hour on Vegas time). He felt totally gypped out of those steps being added to that day's count! I love that he's liking his Fitbit! *Ü*   He did a Friday weigh-in too and was NOT happy with the result. Poor Hubs, he was very down on Friday and Saturday (it affects the guys too!) He weighed again on Sunday and had a substantial drop. That's why I weigh myself every day, just in case that ONE weigh-in is off.

I had hoped to get in a weekend weights session ... but it didn't happen. We didn't get our racquetball in on Saturday this week. It was very busy with the boy's basketball. Games for #3 and #5. The little one had some great shots, I need to make a highlight video. The other game? We're just going to try and forget about it! #2 had a game Friday, and Saturday he needed to go to games to "work" running clocks or taking pictures and then just cheering on friends. I did a lot of running kids around. Hubs had a huge pinewood derby Saturday too.  I did really miss our racquetball session.

After all the schedule shifts last week (kids out of school two days, hubby gone, addition of a kitty, anxiety issues resulting in homeschooling some days, TOM...) I think we should be back to a regular routine this week.  Hoping to control calories and have a drop by Friday's weigh-in, for me (under 150)  and Hubs (under 200) ...

Well, enough sitting at the computer, time to hit my home gym again!
Time for some reading and riding!
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