Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Recent Reads ~ 2014 Recap

I've mentioned here on this blog (Riding&Reading), I often combine my books and my exercise, reading while riding the stationary bike.

I've always been a reader. A few years ago, I became a "digital" reader. I love reading on my phone, Ipad or Kindle. The benefits of not needing a light, having a built in dictionary,  being able to highlight and search the text ... and of course, having so many books at my fingertips in such a small space! I've got over 500 books waiting in my Kindle Cloud, and my library wishlist is several hundred books long.
Good Reads has been another great discovery. My profile there is sh(e)reader.  It's such a great website to keep track of all my books. Those I have read, those I want to read. Looking up reviews and recommendations.Which books I have in my Kindle Cloud, which are available at the local library, those I need to get.  I love keeping quotes on hand, and looking at my stats for the years.

In 2013 I read 108 books. I didn't really set a goal to read a certain amount or anything, I just read what I wanted when I wanted and that's how it turned out. I didn't get through quite as many books this past year ... 75 for 2014.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Like I said, I LOVE Good Reads! This quick recap of my reading for the entire year is great! I love the quick cover capture, just looking at them all and remembering my reads. I like the rating break up as well. I didn't read anything I considered a "one star" book. Only three books earned a five star rating (ones I loved!). Quite a few three and four stars.

This blog is mainly about fitness, a little about food. Watching my weight and accountability. But as reading is an incentive for exercise, and books are another passion, I'll be showcasing "What I'm Reading" on the second Tuesday of each month. So if you like to read too, be sure and check in.  I also have a GoodReads update in my sidebar (way at the bottom) showing my recent reads and reviews, and various quotes from my books shifting through there as well.

Are YOU a reader? Are you on Good Reads? 
Do you prefer digital or physical books?

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