Friday, January 2, 2015

WWI #76 ... Don't Look

Oh dear! I don't even want to post my weekly weigh in this week it is so bad. Talk about the stereotypical holiday weight gain. I really don't have much to say.  I crunched the numbers and while they don't account for the 2.6 pound gain since last week (and similar gains for the past few weeks) they weren't good. Average intake was 2621, average burn was 2431. I think that is the only time since I started that my average intake was more than my average burn. It equaled out to an overage of 3580 for the week (so a legitimate one pound gain) and I have to admit while I have continued to track food, I haven't been good at complete accuracy (entering it immediately, weighing/measuring) ... and all the estimations can be so off already. I'm assuming the overage is probably even more.

The good news ... the scale this morning did nudge me into action. I had a good exercise day for a Friday (almost 30K, 3200 burn by Fitbit calculation). I still REALLY need to get my food intake under control. In Sept/Oct I was able really get it down without feeling deprived or hungry. Not sure what I was doing differently back then. No more excuses though ... the holidays are over. Return to the routine, sticking to a schedule. I really hope that as fast as the weight jumped on, I'll be able to get it back down. Under 150, then back down to 144 (hit that twice in 2014). Hopefully maintaining in the 140s, with an ultimate goal of 135.

I post my weekly weigh-ins ... the good and the bad. 
This one was bad.
Shake it off ... It's a new year!

Here's my cute boys playing with their cute little cousin New Years Day.

Hubs and his mom and her annual pastry wreath.
Too many calories consumed!
2015 here we come.

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