Saturday, January 24, 2015

WWI #79 ... An Off Week

Well ... didn't go down this week. Last week's weigh-in was the lowest it went as I look back on this past week. It wasn't a bad week, but it wasn't quite the usual routine.

  • School out: The kids were home Monday (for MLK) and Friday (end of quarter). They boys are really good, so having them around doesn't impact me negatively, but I just don't get up as early and get moving. 
  • Hubs out of town: Hubs left Monday and got back Thursday. He always gets up and off early, so that encourages me to do the same. Without him around (and #2's early morning driver's ed concluded last week) I did sleep in a little this week. Often I do stay up later, and sometimes get more evening stuff in when hubs is gone, but not this week.
  • Anxiety issues: #4 really struggled going back to school on Tuesday after the long weekend. Add to that the incident last Friday (his teacher had a seizure) , and then his teacher was still out ... my poor child had a meltdown. I ended up homeschooling him part days on Tues and Wed. We did do a lot of one-on-one stuff, it was good. I was proud he made it back to school for Thursday (it was a short day).
  • TOM: It's that time of the month. I hate it. 
  • New kitty: We haven't been a pet family, but the kids have wanted a dog or cat for a long time. I finally caved on the kitty front. #1 had been looking for the past several weeks and Monday he took the two little boys and picked up a kitty from the Humane Society. His name is Oreo (that was actually his name at the shelter, but it is a perfect fit for our family). He's four months old and the boys are very happy to have him. While he hasn't really impacted my routine ... I think he makes me a little lazy! I mean HE is always sleeping, and I stop to pet him often when I usually keep moving.
A couple kitty pictures ...
 Hubs can't blame me for this clog!

 Silly Sleeper

I really tried to control calories better, as I know that is the key to getting the scale to move. We went out to dinner Monday night with my folks. I didn't feel I went overboard, but the scale did jump the next morning. I had another bad eating day on Thursday, nothing in particular, just lots of snacking. Cookies! Exercise was pretty much on track. I got in my elliptical and Zumba Mon-Fri. I did some bike and treadmill too, and also did a weight workout. 

NUMBERS: Up .6, but the average went down -.41.  Average intake was 2286. Average burn was 2902 which ended with a deficit for the week, albeit a tiny one. -510.

As usual, there were basketball games and practices. I did spend some time at the computer this week turning the video clips into a highlight reel. You can see the video here. I'll be watching a couple more games on Saturday. That's the life of a basketball mom!

Next week should be pretty normal. Routine and structure. Hopefully I can control my calories and shift the scale to under 150 again ...

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