Tuesday, January 27, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday - Cupcake Wars

My second TV Talk Tuesday this month.
This time the focus is on what the kids are watching.

I am SUCH a persnickety eater, that "food shows" have never really appealed to me.  I know there are a ton out there, but I just haven't paid much attention to them. Are any of them geared toward healthy eating? Not that THAT is my strong suit either. 

Imagine my surprise last Friday when the kidlets were out of school. They seemed glued to the television, and what had caught their interest? Cupcake Wars!

I guess #2 had been introduced to the show at a friend's house. There is a "Cupcake Wars Collection" on Netflix, so the boys are watching that (although we do have cable for sports, so I assume we have the food channel and could catch current episodes). I wouldn't have thought my boys would have been so interested in such a show, but they are. #2 is apparently quite the expert, having watched more episodes than the other boys, making comments like "oh no, don't add the stuff to the batter. It will sink to the bottom and the judges won't like that."

As a finicky un-foodie, it's actually a little hard for me to watch (I never sit and watch, but I'll catch glimpses as I'm in the kitchen prepping dinner or doing dishes). Some of the themes and required additions (um, pepperoni and pastrami? In a cupcake?) are downright disgusting!

Well, I suppose it's not as bad as some of the things out on television today. The kids haven't seemed inspired to actually try baking anything themselves though. As for me ... I'll only catch a snippet of the shows here and there. It's not something that intrigues ME enough to make it onto my list of what to watch while working out. While WATCHING a show about cupcakes isn't as bad as eating a bunch of cupcakes, my boys aren't getting any steps on the Fitbits sitting around watching Cupcake Wars!

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