Friday, January 9, 2015

WWI #77~ Three Pounds Down BUT ...

Last week there was a pretty big bump up in the scale. This week I'm down three pounds, which sounds great, but in the big picture, it's just putting me back in my plateau place where I have been for SO long. It's actually depressing to see the "26 pounds lost" MFP badge in my sidebar, and then catch that same badge on a "link within" previous post thumbnail and see that I was there back for WWI#12 over two years ago. I mean I am close to where I want to be for maintenance, but if I'm going to maintain, I want it to be under 150, I want that MFP badge to show 30pounds (or more) lost.

The scale shock last week did motivate me to have a pretty good weekend. I got quite a bit of activity in Friday and Saturday (I did have a rest day on Sunday). I thought I'd be totally ready to restart the week, with the return to the routine after the holidays ... but there was a hitch. I'd done a weight workout on Saturday, my first one in a while and I was SO sore!

My Monday morning Zumba, I wasn't quite my bouncy self, and I didn't have my "Motivated Monday" like I usually do. I was pretty much over it by Wednesday, and did manage to get the scale to move by mid-week.

It's the eating. It's always the eating. Still a stash of leftover Christmas candy calling out and tempting me. The Hubs has recommitted to food/fitness a few weeks ago. He admits how hard it was during the holidays (he maintained) but he's been back at it full force this past week. That SHOULD help me out, but I still snack way too much. 

So ... I am happy the number on the scale went down. I just need to get it down a little bit further (under 150) and then maintain. I really didn't want to see my weekly numbers back here where they are.  Speaking of NUMBERS ... down 3 pounds from last week, but the average actually went up (1.6 to 155.94). Average in was 2400 (too high), and average burn was 2826, which came out to a deficit of just -750. So according to the numbers I didn't earn a three pound loss, but I'm sure I didn't really gain that much before either. That scale is a tricky little bugger!

I saw this article from PopSugar with tips on weight management for the coming year ... it recommends a weekly Friday weigh-in.  I'll continue with my Friday Weigh-In postings, even though there hasn't been much change over the last year or two. I weigh in every day, but use my Friday morning as the "official" weigh in and to watch a weekly trend. I see some people weigh in on Mondays (after the weekend? That's almost always my highest day), or on Wednesday (but that's mid-week, other than the alliteration of "Weigh-in Wednesday" or Weight-Watchers, my OCD can't handle that as an official weigh-in day).

Do you weight everyday, once a week, or less often?

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