Friday, January 16, 2015

WWI #78 - Going Down Again

It was a decent week. I'm still really struggling with keeping calories in check. I've just seemed extra hungry lately! And not for anything good. These past few days were busy.  Once again ... I'm getting my Friday blog post up late. 

I've really tried to stay on top of things ... entering my numbers, keeping up with my daily doings journal entries, Daily Mile and Walker Tracker (you can get more details on my daily exercise on either of those sites, or my Day to Day Doings page).  If I  just enter them daily, then I don't have a big catch up waiting for me at the end of the week as I attempt this post. I'm doing better, but I do still have to catch up on a couple of entries ...

I try to use Sunday to get completely caught up and then be able to start the next week fresh and ready. Daily Mile posts to Facebook on Monday morning, so if I haven't updated everything then my stats look pretty miserable! This next week will be a little off schedule. The kids are out Mon (for the MLK holiday) and Fri (end of quarter). 

As for this past week:  NUMBERS ... down 1.7 pounds from last week. Average went down 1.3. Good, but only putting my back to where I was a couple of weeks ago, when I'd started, but not finished, my holiday gains. Still eating too much, too many treats. Average intake was 2314. Average burn slipped a little to 2714. I did end up with a deficit for the week, but only -865.

Gotta do better!

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