Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Picture Imperfect

Last month we got together with cousins for some family fun. During that time, there were a few photos. I remember feeling pretty good that day, so when my SIL posted the picture to Facebook I was a little chagrined. Not enough to bother untagging myself, but I so often wish I was a little more photogenic (I'm in the white shirt. I feel like I look big in this picture, I weigh less in the photo above than my profile picture in the sidebar). I can take a good picture, I have before ... but they seem to be few and far between (and I most often get them with a little "photoshoot" where multiple pictures have been taken). I've been working hard and have been pretty pleased with what I've seen in the mirror ... she just doesn't often appear in photographs!

I'm always on the look out for tips and tricks to look a little better in pictures ... I'm not talking photoshopping stuff afterward, but things you can do in that moment just to hopefully improve the chances in the original, untouched shot.  I do try to position myself in the back. I never want to be the one closest to the camera (you always seem to look bigger that way). I try to remember my posture ... suck in the stomach, shoulders back, stick out the chin a little. Try to have the photo taken from above, not below. 

I came across this article and thought it had some great tips and examples.

I remember having this pinned to my photography board on Pinterest
Huge difference in just the way you stand.
Strike a pose!

I'm updating this post as I come across additional articles.
How To Be Photogenic - Kate Pease 
Never Look Bad In a Photo Again - Maskcara

Here are some additional tips from Tuts+ 
Aimed more at the photographer,
but good to try and keep in mind for yourself as well.
And this article on Celebrity Posing Tricks was an interesting read.

Now in the picture set below ...
I'm NOT attempting to start a debate or even discussion on "transformation" photos.
I just thought it was interesting from a "how to take a better picture" perspective.

These pictures were actually taken 15 MINUTES apart ...
Check out the complete post.
Just a few tweeks.

This could also play a small part ^
Do you think that is true?

I'm working hard to lose weight. Better health and fitness are certainly part ... but admittedly, I would like to look pretty. To feel pretty. And I am feeling so much better about myself already. I definitely want photographs to reflect that as well. So I appreciate anything I can do to improve my chances at being picture perfect. I'm hoping I remember these tips the next time there is a photo shoot.

 Do you have any "skinny" tips/tricks for taking better pictures?
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  1. Photos taken from slightly above eye level, make one's face/neck look thinner. That's all I got. :)

    1. What about positioning your grandson's leg strategically ... I recall a recent blog post of yours you felt you had to add an explanation "my thighs aren't really that thin" ... :)

  2. Huh. I've seen other articles that say it's all in the pose. Interesting.

  3. As a photographer I'm always directing people how to pose. Drop your shoulder, do this with your hand ect. I tell them to be comfortable with uncomfortable. May feel weird, but it looks good. It's always about the right angle.

  4. My biggest problem is I cannot keep my eyes open in pictures so 9 out of 10 of them get thrown out. It is horrible.

  5. My teen son told me to smile a smaller smile that didn't bunch up my cheeks. Great tips overall. I think--take many many many photos and one is bound to look awesome.

  6. I wish I could figure this out! I know I look better when the picture is taken from above, but as a short girl I have a tendency to look up which doesn't help. There's no reason not to learn some tricks to show yourself in the best light!

  7. Love the pic about the 15 minutes before/after.. I did a similar one for myself once just to see.. It's funny how posing and standing a certain way an make you look different!

    I'll admit I'm guilty of posing in the mirror over and over to find a skinny side.. why do we feel the need to do this!? :)


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