Monday, March 24, 2014


On my MFP profile, there is a section to fill out. 
My Inspirations. 
Mine looks like this ...

I just never knew what to put there.
What "inspired" me to lose weight? I don't know that I was inspired, as much as I was unhappy with myself and ready for a change. I always knew I could do it if I simply put my mind to it, I just had to want it enough. Which is not to say that I'm not impressed many of you out there. I find motivation from following many of your blogs and am super impressed with your successes. So keep up the good work!

 I do keep a Pinterest board of quotes I can turn to
whenI need a little extra push.

 Do you have an Inspiration/Motivation Pinterest Board?

I remember seeing this topic (Who Inspires You) on the Motivation Monday list and knowing I really didn't have much to say on the topic. Sorry I'm not uber inspirational this Monday morning, but I thought perhaps it was better that I at least introduced the topic and provided the link up for those of you who DID have something to say (it's a bit of a pet peeve with me when I'm expecting a link up to be there, and then none of the hosts have it prepped and ready... so at least here's the link up :)

Join with the Motivation Monday team
JenB/Brandi/Jen/Gwen /Theresa


  1. I keep a Motivation page on my blog with quotes that I find motivating and encouraging, and I also have running quotes saved to my phone. Works for me, something to review and get pumped up when I don't feel like working out.

  2. I like the idea of making a motivation Pinterest board - great idea! I don't have one yet so I'll have to get on it :)

    Amy @


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