Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday Spotlight #15 (Fitbit Spotlight)

I haven't been getting my Saturday Spotlight out every week, 
but I had a few links to share.
My "Wondering About a Fitbit" post has been MY top post.
Here are a few other recent links on the subject
(well, on activity trackers in general)

I'm a Fitbit fan ... if you follow my blog at all that is pretty obvious pretty fast. I just love the data, the numbers, the feedback it provides. It does motivate me to move. A couple weeks ago, after a very long and exhausting day, I went down to my elliptical JUST to get a few more steps a make a new milestone (40,000). When hubby asks "how did you sleep" I say "I think I slept pretty good, let me see what my Fitbit said about it." 

Fitness Trackers Get Stylish:  I wear my Fitbit pretty much 24/7 ... just taking it off for showers and a quick recharge. I wear the Fitbit One, which is pretty inconspicuous I think, I can almost always have it hidden under my clothes, no matter what I'm wearing. I've never cared for bracelets or anything on my wrist, but I know the wrist-trackers are very popular. This article discusses how the various companies are trying to make them more attractive. I know there are some Fitbit plans too ...

What Your Activity Tracker Sees and Doesn't See: I don't like to manually log my activity ... that's why I got the Fitbit, so I don't have to. But it is a bit discouraging when I put in a full hour of exertion lifting weights, and my Fitbit thinks I've just been sitting around. A ride on the bike doesn't register ... unless I move my tracker to my sock. Then I still only get 2000 or so steps (about one mile) for my eight-mile/30minute ride. They aren't perfect ... so it's good to know WHAT they see and what they don't. I do log my weight workout and bike rides manually now.

Netflix Fitbit Hack: The Fitbit registers your sleep activity. I always find it interesting how long it takes from when I press the button, indicating I'm "going to sleep" to when the Fitbit says I actually stop moving around enough to indicate sleep. Someone out there has developed a hack, so that if you are watching a show on Netflix, and you fall asleep (ala Fitbit) ... it will pause your show at that point. I thought that was pretty funny :)  Wonder what other hacks are out there!

Caring Customer Service: I did a quick review of my experience with Fitbit's customer service. This is contrast with my horrible dealings with Comcast of late (Comcast "Customer Service"). Do you shout out your customer service experiences, good or bad?

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