Thursday, March 20, 2014


I read for over an hour the other day. I know the exact time because I did two 30minute workouts on my stationary bike. And I was reading as I rode.  I almost always get in at least 30minutes of "ride/reading" a day.

I've been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. I think it started in second grade. In high school and college, I knew I didn't have self-control once I started a book, so I pretty much only allowed myself required reading while school was in session. Then came marriage and motherhood. There wasn't always time to read, and I couldn't always make it to the library, or I was reading picture books to the kidlets instead of books to myself. My reading stalled.

In 2012 ... a friend introduced me to Good Reads (you can see my profile here ... if any of you are on Goodreads and would like to be friends there please add me *Ü*). I loved having a way to record what I have read and what I wanted to read. Being able to rate and review, and read other reviews and recommendations. I often "didn't know what to read" before ... I did now!

That was the first thing that got me back into reading. The second ... was discovering digital. Of course digital books had been around for years. I'm always a little slow joining the latest trends. I really wasn't interested. I liked my physical books. Hubby bought a Kindle Fire, and I downloaded the Kindle app on my Ipod and ... it was love.

Digital had so many advantages. I didn't have to lug a big book with me just in case I had some time to read, it was there on my ipod, which I had with me anyway. I didn't need a lamp to read in the dark. I could highlight passages and look up words with the touch of a finger. There were so many free offerings available, and my local library had even more. Instant downloads, no waiting. I got a little obsessed that year. I spent a lot of time online, inputting previous reads, creating wishlists, browsing the library, looking over reviews and recommendations ... and reading of course. It impacted my exercise somewhat.

Until I combined the two.

Reading and Riding. A great thing about digital, is that it is easy for me to read while riding my stationary bike. In truth, I never really rode the bike before. I'd opt for the elliptical or treadmill. While I can read on those machines, the bike is my choice for reading. There's no struggle to keep a book open, or turn pages with digital. 30 minutes goes by in a snap. I mentioned a recent read in a post a few days ago (Friday Five) ... that book really got me excited to exercise. Well, to get some reading in anyway. I admit, many of my recent rides have been more for the reading than the riding. That's just my excuse to spend guilt-free time in my book.

I read over 100 books last year. I LOVE Goodreads. I can easily go back and see what I read, when I read it, and what I thought about it. I really got into reviewing for a bit there. I joined NetGalley and was able to receive books for free (often pre-publication) in exchange for reviews. Mostly my reviews are for me, so I remember my own feelings about the book. I hope they help others too, I know I appreciate reviews from others.

 I have talked books on my family blog, but I've been thinking that maybe I'd include some discussions here too. Review some books or spotlight past favorites. Break up some of the fitness posts. I've seen books pop up on other health and fitness blogs I follow and I always like to hear what my blogging friends are reading and recommending. 

 Anyone else out there on Goodreads? 
Anyone else read while working out?

I know I shouldn't feel guilty about "just reading" ... reading and relaxing IS important too, I do some of that as I wind down before bed. But I love that I CAN combine my reading into my exercise routine. I'm counting that as my NSV this week.  I'm also SO grateful that I am lucky enough to have the "things" needed to accomplish this ... a stationary bike just down the stairs (even when the kids are home, my gym is more conducive to reading than a public gym), a Kindle (and an iphone and ipad mini with the Kindle app). I'm spoiled I know. I never take it for granted though! That's what "I'm Thankful" for this Thursday ...


  1. I'm in love with my Kindle Paper White. I'm trying to get back into reading; I stalled on book 2 in a series; felt obligated to trudge on but when I finally admitted to myself I wasn't even liking book 2 (I adored book 1) and could put it down and walk love for reading came back. :)

    1. We had the Kindle Fire, but I actually prefer the app on my iphone or ipadmini. I rarely use the actual Kindle. My oldest just asked for a paperwhite. He's not a big reader, so it surprised me, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to invest. He talked me into the basic Kindle and he has been reading!

      I often feel an obligation to finish what I start, and sometimes that does made reading more of a chore. There are SO many books out there though, that if you are just reading for enjoyment ... you SHOULD enjoy it!

  2. I've been so hesitant to abandon books for an ereader, but I can definitely see the appeal and convenience. The book I'm reading right now is a huge hardcover that has around 600 pages, and the dratted thing is HEAVY -- not exactly the most relaxing way to end the night :lol: I'd jump to an e-reader in a heartbeat, but I'm kind of obsessed with collecting as many books as possible and having a library someday.

    1. I do love the look of a "library" in a home! Hubby not so much ... I did have shelves and shelves of books, but he wanted that room for an office, so they are all now in boxes. I will scroll through my Goodreads "read" list (and "to read") list, my digital library ... it isn't quite the same, but I do still get a lot of enjoyment from even that, and knowing I can open up any of the books at the touch of a button.

      BIG books ... they are SO heavy. I remember reading one of the Harry Potter books while pregnant, resting it on my tummy, and the baby kicking at it (like "get this thing off of me!). Long books can be so hard to handle especially at the beginning and end when they are so lopsided. I got "The Fault In Our Stars" out of the library (physical book, they didn't have it in digital) and it isn't that big or heavy and as I was reading it I was like "I can't read it like this" and I put it down and bought a digital version (it was only $5, not sure why I just didn't do that to start!).

      I'll be checking in to see what you think of your current read :)

  3. We are so kindred spirits:) I love it when people love books as much as me! Although I am a paper reader, I love having a book in my hand and haven't ventured into the kindle world yet. However, when traveling I can totally see how that would be handy:) Especially since I put 3 library books in my check on luggage on my last trip, and they left mine and everyone else luggage out on the tarmac when the sky in Dallas decided to downpour, so lucky me when I got to my destination I discovered inside the suitcase was soaked, and now I get to purchase 3 library books:) It wouldn't be so bad, but since I work for our county library system, I have to go into co-workers this week and admit I ruined books:) Oh well.... On the plus side, the books were great, so despite a bit of water damage, they will be a nice addition to my home library, LOL

  4. Oh, I forgot to tell ya, I added you on goodreads:)


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