Friday, March 28, 2014

WWI #37 & Five Books I Want To Read

I did it ... my first week in forever (well, I actually looked  back on my records, it was mid-2009) where I've been under 150 the entire week. Confession. Monday morning weigh-in was 150.1. I weighed a second time and got the 149.9 reading. Is it cheating to weigh more than once and take the lower number?

It's been a bit of an off-week actually. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, (Tom Troubles) I got a surprise (early/elongated) visit from Aunt Flo.  It just totally threw me off on Friday ... and Saturday and Sunday. Tried to get back into the routine when Monday hit. The tickle in my throat that was affecting my sleeping last week has seemed to subside ... but still struggling with sleep. Do I blame it all on TOM, or another little tidbit that also turned up on Friday for my emotional shutdown and struggles? As I caught up on my shows ... I totally cried during Scandal and again on The Good Wife.  They were emotional episodes, but I don't usually break down into tears while I watch. There were several times this week I just wanted to curl up in a fetal position (I did that Saturday afternoon/evening), other days I just wanted to eat my emotions (did that yesterday) but in spite of it all, I kept things pretty on track.

NUMBERS: Down .8 from last week. Average down too (from 149.16 to 148.7).  My low weight was on Sunday (147.9), followed by the high on Monday (149.9).  According to my estimates, I had a total weekly deficit of 3,355. So the numbers pretty much add up this week.  Average in 2143, Average out 2844.  I did good getting my workouts in (check out my Day to Day Doings for details) but eating? I kept my calories under control, but the quality was not good.

Onto FUN Friday stuff.

A couple weeks ago (Weekly Weigh-In #35) I mentioned reading "Into The Still Blue"... the final book in the "Under the Never Sky" trilogy. I really enjoyed that series. I also recently read Alligiant (the final book in the Divergent trilogy). It made me look at the other series I've been reading that I have yet to conclude with their final books (I really think in the future I'm not even going to START a series until it is complete. I really don't like waiting a year or more in-between books!).

So for my FRIDAY FIVE today (Five Things Friday at Fitting It All In, Friday Five at Eat Pray Run and Five on Friday at Hello Happiness) I thought I'd spotlight the five finales (at least I think they are the conclusions) of several series I have read books 1&2, and am waiting to read the remainder. Five books I'm anxious awaiting ...  two are actually out, but the other three have yet to be released.

  • Cress (The Lunar Chronicles): The first book "Cinder" is a Cinderella re-telling. She's a cyborg. The second book "Scarlet" introduces Red Riding Hood & Wolf characters and this final book ... well, from the cover and reviews ... Rapunzel. I'm generally not a big fan of fairy tale re-tellings, but I have enjoyed this series so far.
  • Ruins (The Partials Sequence): I was completely taken by the first book in this series. I was so excited for book two ... and then found I hadn't remembered book one enough. I'm really hoping I can get back into the series to finish it up. 
  • The Forever Song (Blood Of Eden): Loved book one. Got a sneak peek at book two, getting it pre-release from NetGalley. I requested this one from the publisher, but didn't get approved this time. I guess I have to wait like normal people ... it will be available April 15.
  • The One (Selection Series): I really liked book 1 and 2 of this trilogy and I'm anxious to read this final installment and how everything works out. It will be available May 6, 2014.
  • Sinner (Wolves of Mercy Falls/Shiver Series): I loved Shiver, the first book of this series. I actually wish I had stopped at book one. The ending there was this "ahhhh" moment, a perfect conclusion. The other books were fine, but I think I'd rather not know what else happened. It wasn't the same. But ... since I DID read the other two books, I might as well read this forth addition, being released July 7, 2014. 
I love to read. (I Reading). Yes ... I'm an "old" lady with teenage tastes when it comes to choosing books. My reading is for enjoyment and exercise motivation (Reading and Riding).  I'm  stingy frugal when it comes to books though. I really don't like to read things more than once anymore (I did once, but there are just SO many great possibilities out there. I prefer to read something fresh and new now).  I hate to pay very much for books I'm only going to read one time. Especially when I have 500+ waiting in my Kindle cloud and a list a mile long at the library site. Although the first two books listed are out now, my library doesn't have them available yet ... and when they do get them, there is often a waiting list (I was so thrilled to find "Into The Still Blue" before everyone else noticed, I got an immediate download even though it is quite new).  Normally I'm not very impatient about books, but as these are all the final books of the series, I am aching for a little bit of closure. Will I buy ... or borrow, even if I have to wait? Hmmmm ....

Do you borrow or buy books?
Are there any books you are anxiously awaiting?
Have you read any of these series so far?


  1. I love YA fiction too, especially scifi and fantasy! Just finished the Delirium series and Divergent is probably next on my list :)

    1. I read the Delirium series and enjoyed it. I do recommend the Divergent trilogy and envy you being able to read them back to back. The author did actually provide a nice little recap on her blog to catch readers back up between books, but I did feel like I lost a little bit by having to wait so long between reads.

  2. I'll have to check out Cress... I read a series called "Unenchanted" series & LOVE it - I love twists on fairy tales :)

    1. I have the first book of that series on my Kindle. Another "fairytale" twist I liked was "A Long Long Sleep" (Sleeping Beautyish) ... it was interesting. I know there are quite a few re-tellings out there. Be sure to start with Cinder (book1), as the books do build on each other! *Ü*

  3. These books sound good, always looking for new ideas :)

  4. I tend to buy books because I always want my own copy.

  5. I haven't been reading much lately but I'm going to change that during spring break.


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