Saturday, March 1, 2014

February 2014 Daily Doings

Month Recap ... February Feedback
  • 0201 (Saturday) Bad Day. Weight 149.1. Fitbit Steps 17751. Total Burn 2548. Calories in 2900. Calories out 853. Exercise: 60minElliptical, Track - 2miles.  Made Saturday Circles (pancakes) for breakfast. The three oldest had a church ball game in the morning. I got there a little late and so I didn't bother to video. I wish I had though, as they had a good game. Oh well. #5 had his game at 1:00 (I jogged during his practice portion and the quarter he sat on the bench). #4 didn't want to go to his game at 2:00, and as it overlapped and would have required some serious shuffling, I didn't make him. #3 had a bye, and #2 had his game at 7:00 (super slow start in the first half, then our boys finally started making some shots for an easy win). The kids were clamoring for chick-fila. I went down and did my final elliptical session (pushing to get my hour) and told the boys they didn't need to save me any chicken ... but they did. Over on calories by quite a bit today.
  • 0202 (Sunday) Bad Day. Weight 150.8. Fitbit Steps 12427. Total Burn 2323. Calories in 3000. Calories out 611. Exercise: 60minElliptical.  Got in a couple elliptical sessions before church. Did the usual Sunday circles (Belgian waffles) and prepped some bbq (marinating chicken, setting rolls to rise).  After meetings we had our Superbowl Smorgasbord; steak, chicken, mashed potatoes, rolls. I overate. I also made Superbowl Sugar cookies. We did have the game on ... family lives in Seattle, so we were cheering for the Seahawks.
  • 0203 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 153.9. Fitbit Steps 27278. Total Burn 3255. Calories in 2000. Calories out 1561. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 1mile Treadmill, 30minBike, NMTZ, 10minHula. So, weight was up after yesterday, not a huge surprise. Extra incentive to be good today, got in my cardio and did Jillian's No More Trouble Zones for strength.   Did good on eating, even banked some calories so I could enjoy a slice of Papa Murphy's pizza (Murphy Monday at our home) ... just white sauce and cheese. I actually prefer the thin crust, but #1 son doesn't and he's the one who picked it up. Hubby left on a business trip. I did make brownies (and ate a brownie) in the evening.
  •  0204 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 150.5. Fitbit Steps 27560. Total Burn 3083. Calories in 1500. Calories out 1390. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 30min/2miles Treadmill, 30minBike, 60minZumba. Happy to see the weight readjust so quickly. Up and down! Had a good morning and got my 10x10. Put in my volunteer shift at the elementary school. Spent a good hour and a half there today. Dropped off #1 son's truck for a small repair. He took Daddy's truck to pick up the 13-year old from school and ... apparently took off before the kid was in the car. A u-turn made him tumble from the truck into the middle of the road. Those nearby, seeing a young boy thrown from a moving vehicle into the street called 911. When I got there, #3 was on a stretcher in the ambulance and their recommendation was to have him taken to the ER to be checked out. While he was scraped up pretty bad, he had not been hit by the truck or any other cars, hadn't hit his head or lost consciousness. I elected to just bring him home (as he was playing on his ipod while lying on the stretcher in the neck brace and other than abrasions all over didn't actually seem injured). I often err on the side of caution with the kids, but I also really try to avoid the ER if at all possible! I washed out his wounds, his right bottom half and got him bandaged up and watched him for any of the warning signs, but he did seem ok. #1 son felt horrible but was also ok (he had been ticketed for having an unrestrained passenger ... that's an understatement!). Then #5 started complaining of headache and looked absolutely miserable. He has a fever ... I sure hope it's not the flu his daddy or I had! Actually kept calories in check today ... rather than stress eating, I lost my appetite completely with all the stress of the latter half of the day!
  •  0205 (Wednesday) Ok Day. Weight 149.0.  Fitbit Steps 18583. Total Burn 2698. Calories in 1600. Calories out 1020. Exercise: 70minElliptical. NMTZ. Both boys (injured and sick) slept through the night fine. I did keep #5 home from school as he was still sporting a fever. I had an activity at the middle school, but figured I wouldn't be able to make it with the little sick one. My mom and dad offered to come out and watch him, so I took them up on that. I also hit the store after, stocking up on bandages for #3's road rash. Didn't get as much cardio in as usual. Didn't feel like doing strength (NMTZ) but went ahead and did it anyway. Got caught up on "The Biggest Loser" even though I'd already heard the results of the finale all over the internet. #3 decided to try and play in his basketball game in the evening. I could tell he was limping a bit (perhaps as much from the wrap around his knee than any pain), and was a bit hesitant for any physical play, but he still did good and it was an easy win for the team. #5 had seemed ok much of the day, but fell asleep for almost all the late afternoon. He woke up badly in the evening. I'm thinking he'll still be home sick tomorrow. Stress of the day did still keep calories in check today, which was good as I didn't hit my activity goals.  
  • 0206 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 147.9. Fitbit Steps 26676. Total Burn 3054. Calories in 2000. Calories out 1376. Exercise: 90minElliptical, 20minZumbaDVD, 30minBike, 30min/2miles Treadmill. #5 still has a fever. He's almost "normal" on medication, but it's obvious when it wears off. He's better during the day, and seems sicker in the evening. I was still able to get in my exercise. I'd check on him and ask if he needed anything, then pop downstairs for 20-30 minutes. Baby boy has just been resting, watching tv, playing video games and reading. #2 tried his hand at reffing a basketball game (the young women over at the church) ... I think it's a great experience for the boys to have to be in that position so they better understand how difficult it can be and are hopefully less critical of the refs at their own games. #1 also reffed a game (he's been doing it for a few years). I took #3 to his basketball practice (although I would have let him sit it out, due to his leg. Starting to scab up, but portions are still raw). Daddy got home! He's been out of town since Monday night.  
  • 0207 (Friday) Ok Day. Weight 148.9. Fitbit Steps 13360. Total Burn 2443. Calories in 2400. Calories out 759. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 60minWeights. Early morning basketball practice for #2. Then I got #4 off to school, #5 is still sick. Picked up #2, then took him and #3 back to school (late start on Fridays). Tried to get some workouts in, but baby boy isn't doing well today. Moaning and some diarrhea. Gave him a bath and some medication. Early out at the elementary, then pickup at the middle school (#2 went home with friends to hang out). #1 was home, so I left him in charge while I went to the nail salon ... I decided I'm done with artificial nails for a bit, just tired of the cost and upkeep. Had them remove them and attempt a manicure. Baby boy finally seemed to be feeling a bit better in the evening, but I was SO run down, I was ready for bed by 8:00. Didn't get to go to sleep until 10:00 though. 
  • 0208 (Saturday) Ok Day. Weight 148.9. Fitbit Steps 17001. Total Burn 2389. Calories in 2300. Calories out 705. Exercise: 60minElliptical. Four basketball games were on the schedule today, but we only ended up going to two. #5 missed his, although almost better I didn't think pushing it running around the court would be a good idea. #4 just didn't want to go (and there are enough kids on the team they are probably happy with the extra playing time when he doesn't show). #3 had some scout stuff in the morning, I had to go grab him a big early, as Grandma wanted to take all the boys to "The Lego Movie".  In the rush, I forgot to give the little one his medicine ... he made it through the movie but had a breakdown when they got home and his fever was back. The older boys basketball games were in the evening, they both won. I was able to get in quite a few steps (3000+) while waiting for the last game (we were there early and the game before went over). But ... very unmotivated today. Earlier while the boys were gone I just lay in bed and read. I don't feel "sick" ... but I do feel rundown.
  • 0209 (Sunday) Bad Day. Weight 150.1. Fitbit Steps 14793. Total Burn 2326. Calories in 2800. Calories out 635. Exercise: 60minElliptical. 20min/1mile Treadmill.  Got up and got in a session on the elliptical then made our big breakfast. #5 seemed to be feeling fine until it was time to go to church then he was suddenly sick again. Seemed a little coincidental, but I let him stay home and stayed with him. I was lazy again ... ate too much too, and no "Superbowl smorgasbord" to blame this week. #1 son made gingersnaps, and I was craving salty popcorn and hubby obliged.   
  • 0210 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 152.0. Fitbit Steps 26931. Total Burn 3139. Calories in 2000. Calories out 1437. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 35min/2.5miles Treadmill, 30min/8.1miles Bike, 10minWiiFit, NMTZ. Back to the routine. Baby boy went back to school today and I was able to grab some groceries after dropping the kidlets off.  Got in cardio and weights. Papa Murphy Monday, but #1 son didn't get part of the chicken-garlic pizza without toppings, so none for me. I had a coupon for a couple of the dessert pizzas (cinnawheel and smore)  ... the cinnamon one was a hit, the smore was ok but I don't think we'll get it again.  
  • 0211 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 151.6. Fitbit Steps 25320. Total Burn 3005. Calories in 1800. Calories out 1306. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 50minZumba, 30min/1.5mileTreadmill. Dragging a bit, didn't get a good sleep last night. But got my 10x10 ... elliptical and zumba providing the steps. Volunteered at the school ... did a happy dance upon verifying that the elementary is staying on a traditional schedule (we had been told we were being forced back to year-round).  Literally, I danced (just ask the office ladies). Stopped at the store for some groceries. Got in some cardio, but didn't feel up to jogging my mile, just walked - but did up the incline. Busy afternoon with carpools, prepping valentines (taking pictures, adding text, uploading for printing), making dinner ... hubby had requested baked ziti. I made a double batch, taking some to a neighbor and making a smaller pan with gluten-free noodles for my dad. I'd invited my folks over for dinner and games, and so I could help my mom get her Fitbit back up and running (her One had been misbehaving, so Fitbit sent a new one out. I'd had her set up temporarily with the old Flex no one was using. I'm quite expert and switching out and setting up Fitbits now). They enjoyed the dinner and we played rummikub and progressive rummy. #2 and #3 were at the high school watching the basketball games there, so they missed out. Kept calories in check today ... the morning is so crazy I usually don't eat much until later. I don't like baked ziti. I did bake up some of the gingersnap dough and did indulge in some of those.
  • 0212 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 151.0. Fitbit Steps 21694 (Omron 23300). Total Burn 3013. Calories in 2550. Calories out 1317. Exercise: 80minElliptical, 24min/2miles Treadmill, 30min Bike, NMTZ + ping pong. Didn't have a lot on deck today. Got in my cardio and weights during the day. Actually kept going on the treadmill, two miles instead of the one I required myself. Played a little ping pong with #4. Did dinner ... took a lot longer in the making process than I had planned for. We have enough leftovers now that I think I'm off the hook for the next few nights. A little discouraged with the weight not correcting as it usually does after the weekend ... ate too much today. Baked up the last of the gingersnap dough and did partake as well. Technically kept calories under burn, but not by much.
  • 0213 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 153.4. Fitbit Steps 26687. Total Burn 3130. Calories in 1400. Calories out 1436. Exercise: 80minElliptical, 30min/2.5miles Treadmill, 30minZumbaWii, 30minBike. The scale showed my eating indulgences ... I had thought there was a Thursday Zumba class at a different church, and I went to check it out, but I must have had the info wrong. I'm thinking now it was Friday, not Thursday. I hit the treadmill when I got back home, as I already had my shoes and HRM on. Felt pretty good, so I just kept going. 2.5 miles today! Also did some Wii Zumba, which seemed to get my heart rate up more than the church class. Started a new book, so I did some reading and riding as well. In addition to the daily carpools to/from school, I had to grab #2 from practice, also giving three other boys a ride home. Sweaty boys = smelly car! The other practices ended up not happening, but the three oldest boys had a game at the church and I went to watch and video. Kept calories in check today!
  • 0214 (Friday) Bad Day. Weight 150.6. Fitbit Steps 16137. Total Burn 2533. Calories in 2700. Calories out 839. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 30min/1.5miles Treadmill, 60minWeights. Busy day. Early morning basketball practice, school carpools, valentine party, early out at the elementary ... that it was Valentine's Day didn't come much into play as hubby was busy with work and a scouting assignment. Even though hubby didn't bring home any new chocolates, there was plenty of junk around and I indulged too much. French Toast Friday for dinner with the kidlets. I was feeling quite full going to bed. With not as much exercise, intake was over burn.
  • 0215 (Saturday) UBER Bad Day! Weight 152.0 Fitbit Steps 19035. Total Burn 2451. Calories in 4200. Calories out 738. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 20min/1mile Treadmill, 20min Track. #5 had his last basketball game. We stopped for donuts on the way home, and also picked up a few of their yummy frosted sugar cookies (over 600 calories each!) Yes ... I ate one. A donut too. Perhaps more than one (you know where you cut just a portion, then come back and cut another portion, and pretty soon you've eaten an entire second donut?) Donuts are a downfall. #2 had a basketball game too, and begged to stop at Wendys on the way home. It had been a while, and there was one right on the way, so we grabbed some chicken, fries and frosties. Back at home, hubby suggests going out to dinner. We haven't been on a date in several weeks and I didn't want to kibosh him ... so we went. Some fried cheese sticks and chicken alfredo later and it's the highest calorie day I've had since I started tracking (I wouldn't be surprised if I topped that previously, when I was NOT tracking!) And not a lot of exercise to combat the calories. I got in my elliptical, a mile walk on the treadmill, and a walk around the track before the game (NICE facility for just a high school), not that even my regular amount of cardio could have impacted the calories in today.
  • 0216 (Sunday) Uber Bad Day. Weight 153.5. Fitbit Steps 12753. Total Burn 2185. Calories in 3200. Calories out 475. Exercise: 70minElliptical. Well, there was another one of those cookies around. Sunday Circles (belgian waffles) too. Some cocoa and toast in the late afternoon, and hubby's popcorn while we watched "House of Cards" in the evening. Although I did get in my elliptical, not much movement other than that exercise.  
  • 0217 (Monday) Ok Day. Weight 154.0. Fitbit Steps 17781. Total Burn 2432. Calories in 2000. Calories out 2432.  Exercise: 60minElliptical, 60minWeights. #2 had a basketball tournament today. One of the slightly further locations. I've been spoiled having so many of the games less than 10minutes away. A game at 10:00, and and a game at 12:00. I walked around the building during the hour wait in-between. They lost both games, the second was a nail-biter, but I was actually ok with the loss, because a win would have meant another game at 2:00 and I was about basketballed out. It should have been a NMTZ day, but I just wasn't up to facing Jillian. I told myself I'd do a shortened version of my weight workout, but then I ended up going the entire hour anyway. I did a better job of keeping calories in check, and that was even with #1 going and grabbing donuts (again! We just had them on Saturday!). He didn't grab MY favorite ... so I guess that helped :)
  • 0218 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 152.0. Fitbit Steps 30158. Total Burn 3228. Calories in 1900. Calories out 1526. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 45minZumba, 30minBike, 60min/4miles Treadmill (1.5mile jog, then incline, intervals and incline intervals). I was SO ready to get back to my routine after the long holiday weekend. Got the kids off to school and went to Zumba. Got my 10x10. Pretty much hit all the exercises on my to-do list. Hubby had a derby, so I was on duty for Pack Meeting for our two little cub scouts in the evening. It was dinner ...  I probably wouldn't really have eaten much that I stayed at home.
  • 0219 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 150.9.  Fitbit Steps 23130. Total Burn 2941. Calories in 1500. Calories out 1246. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 12min/1mile Treadmill, NMTZ, 20minZumbaWii, 30min Bike. Dropped the kids off at school and did a grocery store run. #3 had a basketball game in the evening, they won. Kept calories in check today.
  • 0220 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 151.2. Fitbit Steps 25773. Total Burn 3109. Calories in 2000. Calories out 1417. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 1mileTreadmill, 30minBike, 60minZumba. On Tuesday, I double checked the info on the Thursday Zumba class ... I'd actually had it correct, just wrong church! It was the one across the street. I can't believe I didn't see other church at that same address (I needed to turn right instead of left). So ... I went today. Here, the instructors trade off, and these gals had the moves. I still didn't get a huge burn, but better than my Tuesday class ... but I'm still grateful for my Tuesday class. I think it helped ease me in! *Ü* Got in some bike and elliptical at home later in the day. I jogged my mile, but it was hard! #2 had a basketball game in the early evening. They lost. #3 had practice and #1 had a church ball game. Kept eating in check, even though I did indulge in ice cream.
  • 0221 (Friday) Good Day. Weight 150.6. Fitbit Steps 3048. Total Burn 3048. Calories in 2250. Calories out 1354. Exercise: 60minElliptial, 12min/1mile Treadmill, 30minBike, NMTZ. #2's birthday today. He had early morning basketball practice. After grabbing the kids from early out elementary, I went to the store to grab some cupcakes for the birthday boy. He and #3 had gone straight from the middle school to the high school, to watch the games there. Around 6:00, I picked up pizza and crazy bread, and took them and the cupcakes to the school for an impromptu birthday party. I brought some extra so #3 and his friends could also have some. Hubby got home from his business trip. #2 would have liked to stay out late on his birthday, but we were all so tired, I had him come home after the game. 
  • 0222 (Saturday) Ok Day. Weight 149.8. Fitbit Steps 15701. Total Burn 2492. Calories in 2000. Calories out 650. Exercise: 60minElliptical. Started the morning off with the chocolate cake we did NOT do last night for the birthday boy. Other than that indulgence, I kept calories fairly in check.  Only had two basketball games today (in the afternoon/evening) so I'm not sure why I didn't get more exercise in. Maga and Aunt Ana stopped by to wish the birthday boy happy birthday ... of course he wasn't home, but off watching basketball games before his game. 
  • 0223 (Sunday) Bad Day. Weight 150.8. Fitbit Steps 12262. Total Burn 2291. Calories in 2800. Calories out 584. Exercise: 60minElliptical. I really thought I was going to get in more exercise today. I got in a nap instead. I was completely out. It felt really good. Hubby gave the boys haircuts. They needed it SO bad! Sunday Circles in the morning. Stroganoff in the evening (had #1 help, good for these boys to know how to prep some meals for when they venture out on their own).  I made homemade oreos ... it had been a while. 
  • 0224 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 152.9. Fitbit Steps 23814. Total Burn 3105. Calories in 2300. Calories out 1398. Exercise: 80minElliptical, 18min/1.5mile Treadmill, 30min/8.4mile Bike, NMTZ. Back to the routine. Felt pretty good during my jog, but didn't want to wear myself out for strength-training. I really felt like I pushed that today and the HRM seemed to reflect that and I got the highest burn since doing this program. I know people say HRMs are NOT for strength-training, but NMTZ is quite cardio (lunges, squats) for much of the time. Anyway, more of a reference number anyway. Pizza night. 
  • 0225 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 150.5. Fitbit Steps 36595. Total Burn 3608. Calories in 2000. Calories out 1915. Exercise: 80minElliptical, 60minZumba, 60min/4.25Treadmill, 30min/8.3 Bike. Up and at 'em today. After Zumba, I went to the elementary for my weekly volunteering. Usually I'm just sitting at a table correcting papers, but today the teacher had me taking down a display board and putting new stuff up. I was walking from the classroom to the hallway a lot. Not a far distance, but enough that the steps registered on my Fitbit as moderately active. Some grocery shopping after, then back home. Alternated exercise with the usual to-do list. Didn't have middle school carpool, as the kids went straight to the high school to watch the game (I did need to pick them up from that at 8:30). I was tempted to try for a new personal best in steps on Fitbit  ... I would have needed about 4000 more. If hubby had been gone, I might have, but as he was home I called it a night. 
  • 0226 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 151.2. Fitbit Steps 25491. Total Burn 3108. Calories in 1800. Calories out 1100. Exercise: 60minEllipical, 60minZumba, 1 mile Treadmill, 30minBike, NMTZ. Went to another church Zumba, this one was very energetic. Big crowd, many Polynesian people. A lot of the bangles around the waist. They had multiple instructors on the stage, which was great, more people to follow (as some would alter the steps slightly, one girl would face the back so it wasn't a mirror image, also helpful). I think I'll be coming back :) After I returned from afternoon carpools, the internet was down. After troubleshooting and calling the cable company, we determined the modem was kaput. I could have run it into the local center (across town) and attempted to rewire it all myself (it would have a different modem, replacing our current modem/router setup) and that was just a little intimidating. Enough that I agreed to wait 24hours and pay $35 for a technician to come out and do it. Basketball game in the evening for #2, took 40+ minutes to get there. I really hate driving. It was a close game and our boys lost, which eliminated them from the tournament. Secretly, I was fine with that, as if they had won, the game next week would have been at an even further location and it would have stressed me out completely. I literally didn't see the hubs today, as he left before I got up, had only stopped home a moment (I had been downstairs in the gym) and he was asleep when I got back home :(
  •  0227 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 150.2. Fitbit Steps 26959. Total Burn 3157. Calories in 2000. Calories out 1160. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30minBike, 1 mile Treadmill. I don't like being without my internet connection :(  I've got a backup DVD, as I can't stream Netflix while I workout. In the afternoon, I stayed home and by the phone, waiting for the cable tech to come during the two hour window I'd been given. No call, no one showed. I called and they said the appointment was for tomorrow (when hubby and I have tickets to a show). I was SO mad. They said they'd get someone there first thing in the morning. Grrrr. Went over and watched the oldest three boys play some churchball. Just a scrimmage as the other team didn't have enough players. So instead of my boys being on the same team, it was brother against brother and pretty funny to watch. I took #2 and left early as he had a real game, although ... our boys were the top seed playing the #10 spot and it was an obvious mis-match.
  • 0228 (Friday) Ok Day. Weight 150.3. Fitbit Steps 15103. Total Burn 2623. Calories in 1900. Calories out 926. Exercise: 60minElliptical, Treadmill Mile, 60minWeights. More Comcast frustration this morning as I called to verify the appointment and they had it scheduled for NEXT Friday. I asked to speak to a supervisor, but they were on another call (unsurprising with this level of "customer service"). Again the rep promised to have someone come this morning, but when I called the automated line to check on the appointment, it was for the afternoon, when I wouldn't be home (going to see a production of LesMiserables at the theater). I was so frustrated. I pulled the modem, drove to the center, which was as bad as the DMV (take a ticket and wait). I exchanged the defective modem and went home and was successful in getting us back up and running. Did make it to the theater (although hubby didn't make it in time to pick me up and had to have #1 son drop me there). It was good, maybe not quite Broadway. It was also "in the round" which was both good and bad as well (much more intimate, but then all we could see was the back of the head in some scenes). I had to push to get my final elliptical session in for the day ... but I did it. 60min of elliptical every day in February. 


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  2. Good evening!
    My apologies, I deleted a comment I started to make since I hit publish before I finished typing. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. I gain so much insight from you sharing your daily excercise and your overall world.

  3. Oops, I did it again! Anyway, I read your blog daily and always look forward to a new post. I love your reviews on equipment, and it often helps me I my own workouts. Your family is wonderful and you are truly blessed. Thanks for sharing!
    Kim Harrington
    Buffalo, NY

    1. So happy that you actually like these posts ... it's mainly for me, I like to keep track of it all. I figured I'd put it out there just in case it is helpful to anyone else.

      I AM truly blessed!
      Thanks for your comments! :)

  4. You have had a busy month! Enjoyed hearing about your ups and downs.


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